Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fetzer and Cinque and "Obfuscated Man"

Many of you are aware that Jim Fetzer and Ralph Cinque are causing some controversy with the Altgens #5 photo on the Education Forum.  One of their points of discussion is what they are calling a white blur obfuscating a man in the Altgens photo.  This person is NOT the figure called "Doorway Man" who most folks think is Lovelady or some think is Oswald.  This is something else, something new.

They are rather bad at explaining what they are talking about and I didn't understand it until they shaded this area of the photo green.

This is the area of the Altgens photo they're talking about

This is the area they are talking about shaded in green.

But, I think they over did it with the green.  They are very bad at explaining what they are talking about here.  They see someone who’s face has been obscured.  This person is in front of and slightly to the left of a man in a white shirt who has raised both of his arms up to shield his face from the glare of the sun. It is only when they put this area in green that I knew what they are talking about.  But, they over do it with the green.  If there is someone there and someone or some nefarious people are alterng the photo to hide him they are using white to obscure him and kind of blend that white into the white shirt of the man behind him who has raised his arms to shield his face from the sun.  Directly below this white blurr/person is a woman who has raised her right arm to shield her face from the glare of the sun also.  So, to help you see what they’re talking about, think a straight line, a guy with both arms up shielding his face from the glare, the white blur, which could be a man, and then this woman shielding her face with one arm raised.

So, I printed off a copy of this image before they added in the green.  It isn't the best quality but the best I could do with this image and my equipment.  I printed off the image and then highlighted in red ink the edges of the person I think they're talking about. And then I scanned that. 

Here's a blow up of the same area.

If this is a person his face is obscured by something, something that seems to be reflecting sunlight.  His arm is across his chest.  He has a long sleeved white or light colored shirt on.  It looks to me like he has a thin tie on too.  

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