Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kudos to the members of the Education Forum

I want to thank the members of the Education Forum for fighting the good fight, standing up for professional methodologies, and higher standards in JFK assassination research against the insane ramblings of two complete idiots, James Fetzer, and "Dr." Ralph Cinque.

An unsourced clip, entitled "Did Oswald get picked up?" from an unknown documentary, showing at one time three films on screen at once, but generally two, one showing a section of, but not the complete Charles Buck film of Oswald being brought into Captain Will Fritz's office past a seated Billy Lovelady with an inserted screen showing Roger Craig from Mark Lane's documentary "Two Men in Dallas" was contrasted against an unsourced single frame from the very same Charles Buck film that Cinque got from somewhere that Cinque insisted was not really a single frame from the Charles Buck film, but a single photograph, that was faked, all of the people were actors, there was a "DeNiro" - like Lovelady impostor, who was even referred to at one point as a midget.

All of this could have been avoided if "Dr." Cinque could understand the "TOP SECRET" photographic technique, as explained by Craig Lamson, known as an EDIT.   You see, producers of the documentary, still unknown, who produced the film, a part of which was uploaded to, who knows if that was legally done or not, as well as any documentary producer or filmmaker are free to edit films of actual events any way they want to to tell the story they wish.  There may be some limitations imposed by the copyright holder of a film that a documentarian may wish to edit, but that's usually settled between them.  To see an edit, and then a single frame from the part of the film edited out and make wild accusations, ignore all efforts to explain the basic fault in the premise, and to exhibit the endless name calling, was a very sad state of affairs that mature, proactive, responsible MODERATORS could have stopped before we got to over 1, 200 posts.

So, yes, I think our long international nightmare is over and "Dr." Cinque is banished from yet another JFK forum.  (That's 3 for 3 as far as I know.)

Special praise goes to Michael Hogan for posting a 10 page FBI report on Lovelady, RIF 124-10220-10183, which details Lovelady was involved in the possible theft, certainly the selling of three .38 caliber Smith &  Wesson revolvers obtained from the OSI at Andrews Air Force Base in Sept of 1960 while he worked there as an MP assigned to the 1001st base supply squadron at Andrews.  Lovelady and two other men sold the weapons to an undercover police officer from North Beach, Maryland.  Lovelady was arrested on Sept 26, 1960, waived a hearing, and was released on $1,000 bond.  On April 11, 1961 Lovelady was fined $200 and agreed to pay $25 a month.

By Dec 7, 1962 Lovelady had paid $125. His last payment toward the $200 fine was made over a year ago,  and he had not paid the remainder.  Lovelady had fled to parts unknown.  So, an arrest warrant was put out for him. On Jan 7, 1963 Dallas Deputy Sherrif Albright was shown the FBI file on Lovelady.

On Jan 7, 1963 Lovelady was arrested in Dallas by FBI special agents Ivan D Lee and Curtis Holt at the TSBD and was taken to the Dallas County jail.  Deputy U.S. Marshall John Lowe was notified and subject was taken before U.S. Commissioner William Hill.

Subject indicated his employer O.V. Campbell, Vice President of the TSBD  would advance Lovelady the $75 to pay the remaining balance of his fine if the charges would be dropped.

Lovelady was released on another $1,000 personal recognizance bond.  And was to appear before Hill again on Jan 9, 1963.

Basically, the judge in Baltimore said once the $75 is paid the charge would be dismissed.

Then there is a brief FBI report dated Jan 11, 1963.  Lovelady said he has had bad financial times since April of 1961, and has been working for the TSBD for several months.  He has a wife and four kids.

So, from December of 1961 to January of 1963 Billy Nolan Lovelady's whereabout are unknown,  missing time that the FBI doesn't seem the least bit curious about.

I thank Robin Unger for putting up a gif from the Charles Buck film that clearly showed Cinque's ramblings were false.

Craig Lamson showed angelic patience in trying to explain basic photographic terms, the aforementioned EDIT, as well as ASPECT RATIO, but particularly for demonstrating that a white blob was in fact an elbow.

Thanks go to Greg Burnham, Lee Farley, David Josephs, Robert Charles-Dunne, Josiah Thompson, Len Colby, David Lifton, Karl Kinaski, and others.

Thank you.  

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  1. Impressive website, Joseph! Although "Doorman's" left arm and shoulder look a bit unusual to me, I do believe that it's Lovelady standing there. Anyway, why would the "bad guys" go to all the trouble of altering the photo (even if they had enough time to do so) rather than just steal the 35 mm film from Ike Altgens and make it "disappear?"

    I didn't know about Lovelady's problems with the FBI for selling three revolvers stolen from the military. Reminds me of an article called "The Spider's Web" about the gunrunning/drug-running shenanigans allegedly going on at the TSBD before the assassination.