Monday, July 16, 2012

You Can't Fix Stupid

Ralph Cinque and his little friends are back.  They have a new website, The Oswald Innocence Project. Cinque doesn't know the difference between a pixel and a pinball but that doesn't stop him.  All the crap that is on this website was thoroughly, and I mean thoroughly debunked on The Education Forum.  

But he's back peddling the same shit:
1.) "Black Hole Man," merely a man shading his eyes from the glare of the sun,
2.) "Obfuscated man," another man shielding his face from the glare of the sun, his raised arm crosses his face blocking it from the view of Altgen's camera.
3.) "Big Afro Hair Woman," Cinque claims her hair was artificially enlarged to hide something in the Altgens photo.
4.) "Black tie man," a man on the steps of the TSBD.  Cinque claims he's behind and in front of "Doorway Man." He's not. He's behind "Doorway Man," who is Lovelady.

And there's more, "The Creation of Doorman,"  and one of my favorites, "Fedora Hat Man and the Woman and Boy,"

in which Cinque actually writes, "We are very uneasy about the appearance of the woman and the boy.  The boy is visibly taller than she is...," I'll spare you the rest of that BS. The woman is simply holding her small son up in her arms, Cinque, you fucking moron.  The kid looks like he's about 4 years old.  To Cinque this is all very sinister.

It's all total bullshit brought to you by...

Head Up His Ass-Man aka Ralph Cinque

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  1. ahahahahaha! A "pixel" and a "pinball," I love it man.