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I got Cinque booted off the JFK Lancer forum

Enter the ragged idiot.

The goal to recreate the Altgens photo.

Well, not really, they are only interested in the shadow below Doorway Man aka Billy Nolan Lovelady’s chin.  Why? Because idiot that he is he thinks the white undershirt is important.  If it’s a V-neck or a circular or crew cut this will prove that Doorway Man was Oswald.  

Will they use Altgens photo, or an exact copy? NO.  They are going to hire a “professional photographer.” 

Do they explain the parameters of what is to be recreated and studied? Do they explain their methodology? NO.  They can’t because they’re stupid.  This is what they say “Listen, let's not start a debate about any of these things now. This is just a heads-up so that you know it's coming. Wait until the pictures are here, and then, let's discuss it. Why jump the gun, right? Have a nice day.” 

James Gordon rightly points out, “what shadows were created within that doorway were influenced by the collection of people standing there and where they were standing and where they were looking.”

They ignore that sound advice and claim they are interested in “... the alleged vee-shadow at the top of Doorman's chest was produced by his chin. It's a chin shadow. I'm talking about the triangular-shaped shadow that forms as a result of the head blocking overhead light.” 

What “head blocking overhead light” is supposed to mean is anyone’s guess.

Cinque still doesn’t understand the concept of pixel aspect ratio and how it can distort a photo especially when he’s pulling images off the internet and reposting them on forums.  This idiocy fuels his belief that the photos of Lovelady don’t match and that there are fake Loveladys inserted into various photos and films.  

Michael Doherty points out, “To get an accurate re-enactment of the Doorman image, to my mind it would be necessary to:

1.) Obviously use the same camera and film Altgens used.
2.) Have the camera at the exact spot Altgens did and at Altgens eye level.
3.) Doorman must be the same height, build and have the same facial characteristics as the real Doorman or shadows won't fall properly.
4.) Gotta know the exact point and exact fashion Doorman was standing.
5.) Light levels in the Plaza must match pretty much the light levels on 22/11/63. And the sun would have to be in the same position.
6.) Any shadowing caused by nearby spectators has to figure into it.

I may be missing some of the criteria, but I'd have to say judging by what I think you would need to do, it is damn near impossible to accurately recreate it.”

He’s ignored too.  

The response, fraud, “..our professional commercial also going to take photos using a modern digital camera that he adjusts to behave like Altgens.

And more fraud, “the difference made by Altgens eye level had minimal impact, assuming anything close to average height range.”

Stupidity and fraud, “Since a chin shadow is made by the sun overhead being blocked by one's own head and chin, height is not a factor.”

And again, “And no, we don't have to know the exact point and fashion where Doorman was standing because we can try many points and many fashions.”
Jerry Dealey points out an obvious fact totally lost on Cinque, “that you also have to have a focus point on the limo, which is quite a way in the foreground. Depending on aperture settings, this would make the doorway focused differently.” The focus of attention in the Altgens photos was JFK’s limo and of JFK being killed.  They have to make a limo the focal point of their photo.  Standing in front of the TSBD and photographing their Lovelady stand in won’t work. The focal point would have to be where the limo was at the time Altgens took his photo

Another factor, “The hand rails today are on both sides, while the hand rail in 1963 was in the center. That would also be another factor to overcome in the recreation.”

Oh joy, the idiot himself will pretend to be Lovelady, “...Ralph told me to tell you that all he has to do is stand on his toes, and it makes him the perfect height to play Doorman”

One of the STUPIDEST THINGS EVER is Cinque’s belief that Lovelady has his hands crossed in front of him, left over right, when we can’t see his hands
And to “prove” this he shows one of the Oswald booking photos where Oswald has his left hand over his right to hide the handcuffs.  

The circular, or crew neck, T-shirt’s collar Lovelady was wearing can be seen in the Altgens photo, even in the highly pixilated one Cinque uses and it’s below the chin shadow.  So, this whole stupid story about chin shadows is total crapola. And won’t this whole thing be pointless if Ralph gets himself photographed and he’s not wearing a crew cut T-shirt in the first place? 

In trying to assert where he thinks Doorway Man was in the Altgens photo he uses a frame from the Weigman film, and ignores the time factor.  It’s now after the shooting.  People and cars have moved.  

Will they take the photo from where Altgens took his photo? 


To quote Cinque surrogate Linda Hadley, “We don't have to do it from Altgens position. The location of the camera had nothing to do with where the shade falls.”  

Pause a moment and let the stupidity of that sink in. 

To prove this Cinques poses outdoors in the sun.  Wow, an idiot can create shadows on his clothes on a sunny day! 

And more importantly the idiot proves that Linda Hadley and Ralph Cinque are one and the same.  
I got three examples in the thread. 

Here's the first one I found:
#96760, "RE: Altgens photo to be re-enacted in late November"
In response to Reply # 39
Wed Oct-24-12 10:05 PMby LindaHadley 

(He almost has his proper nouns and pronouns right)

"When Ralph said tweak, he meant that he'll be standing in the doorway, and the photographer will size up the shadow, and tell me whether to move right, left, forward or back in order to effectively manifest a vee shadow." - This is the last post on page 4. 

Who is “me” in that sentence? We know Cinque is going to be photographed as if he's Doorway Man.  Me cannot be the photographer, and "me" cannot be Linda.
The photographer is not going to photograph "Linda."

And the second one, on page 5:
#96768, "RE: Altgens photo to be re-enacted in late November"
In response to Reply # 47
Thu Oct-25-12 01:51 PMby LindaHadley 

Listen, Doyle, I bought a shirt yesterday. It's longsleeved with red and black checks, and it has pinstripes- just like Lovelady's. Except that the pinstripes are yellow instead of white. I don't think that matters too much, do you? And I even bought some new white roundneck t-shirts. And I'm going to be standing in that doorway- on my toes to match Lovelady's height- and I have a feeling that T-shirt is going to look as high and as round as it did the day I bought it in Walmart. 

The personal pronoun "I" is clearly Cinque.  This is not "Linda" saying she bought a man's shirt, and a man's T-shirt. 

And "I'm going to be standing in that doorway on my toes to match Lovelady's height...," is clearly Cinque talking about himself. 

And a third one on page 6
#96780, "RE: Altgens photo to be re-enacted in late November"
In response to Reply # 58
Fri Oct-26-12 11:54 AMby LindaHadley 

"In the example above, the shade can always be seen over my left shoulder,..."
If "Linda" is writing that she would say over "Ralph's shoulder," not "my" shoulder.  And the image referred to are three photos of Cinque.

Gotcha.  Asshole. 

I passed this information on to Jerry Dealey who promptly locked the thread and the two user IDs, “Linda Hadley” and “Selenssummer.”  

Yes, I got Cinque booted of the JFK Lancver forum.  

You’re Welcome

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