Friday, October 26, 2012

More Ralph Cinque Stupidity

Over on the JFK Lancer forum Jerry Dealey has allowed a Cinque surrogate to post messages.  Cinque thinks he is going to recreate the Altgens photo which is totally impossible.  They are once again trying to "prove" that the person referred to as Doorway Man AKA Billy Nolan Lovelady is not Lovelady at all but is really Lee Harvey Oswald.

There is this person Linda Hadley, if she's a real person, promoting Cinque crapola.  The latest topic is that they think they can duplicate the Altgens photo in an effort to resolve an issue about a shadow under Lovelady's chin which will clear up what type of undershirt Lovelady was wearing. Was it a circular neck, or a V neck T-shirt?  Also, they argue that Lovelady was holdinng onto a railing on the steps of the Depository.  This is the picture they show to support their notion.

Do you see a slight problem with this? What they are claiming is Doorway Man's arm isn't Doorway Man's arm at all.  It's the raised arm and hand of a Black gentleman standing in front of him and on a lower step who is waving at the other cars in the motorcade.  The presidential limo has past the front of the depository. The shooting was going on when this Altgens photo was taken.  And many people in the photo are not yet aware of what is happening.

So, we can add LACK OF DEPTH PERCEPTION to the list of Cinque's non-photographic interpretation skills.

Another problem, there is no hand rail there to hang onto.  In 1963 there was a handrail in the middle of the steps.  That was removed at some point and today there are handrails on the left and right side.

Incapable of understanding that they have their facts totally wrong they also claim that while this arm is bent at the elbow, ( It's not. It's bent at the wrist of the Black man in front of Doorway Man ) they think they've made an important discovery! Doorway Man's upper arm and shoulder are MISSING! Proof that the Altgens photo has been altered.

The only thing MISSING is a brain inside these peoples heads.

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