Wednesday, November 21, 2012

An African-American man waving at the motorcade

There is nothing sinister, strange, or conspiratorial about this man or what he's doing.  He is simply there.  At the moment, a nano-second, when a camera's shutter opens and closes, during the assassination, he, like many others, was unaware that the shooting was in progress.  He is still looking at the rest of the motorcade which was still coming at him on Houston Street in Dallas.  

All I'm pointing out here, and I admit it's rather crude, but it's not totally dishonest as Fetzer and Cinque are, is that he's there. And he has his right arm up and he's waving.  He is in front of Lovelady.  In a degraded copy of the Altgens photo his arm is often hard to decipher against the grey background of "Doorway Man's" shirt.

Can you see him?  

I tried to highlight the man and his arm by making the background, "Doorway Man's" shirt, blue.  
It's nearly impossible to make out the individual fingers from this degraded copy.

Recognizing that there is an African-American here, that he is in front of "Doorway Man" and that he was just waving will be important as we continue to ridicule the Eternal Idiot, Ralph Cinque.  Recognizing that a photograph is a 2 dimensional rendering of a 3 dimensional reality is important.  Having depth perception helps in photographic analysis.  

The Idiot's response to the above?

"Then, Backes questions whether the disputed arm was bent at the elbow. It was definitely bent, and here's how you can tell: Look how his cuff is directly below his chin. His cuff is centered. If his arm were hanging straight, the cuff would not be centered. Of course, it is a moot point to Backes since he thinks it is the black guy's arm going up. But, this may be the most inane and bizarre attack on me yet- from Backes or from anyone. His errors are so obvious, and so egregious, I have to wonder if he was drunk. The only person he succeeded in ridiculing was himself. One has to wonder why he doesn't remove the embarrassing post since he got everything completely wrong.

I expect the attacks to continue- from Backes and from others. That's because Lee Harvey Oswald was standing in the doorway, and they don't like it. That's tough, Backes. Prepare for war."

In the Battle of Wits, Ralph Cinque is unarmed.  

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