Saturday, November 10, 2012

The "Oswald Innocence Campaign" is a Fraud is now on Facebook

Announcing The "Oswald Innocence Campaign" is a Fraud is now on Facebook. I'm asking 30 people to like it, please.  Thank you so much. 

Since the Eternal Idiot, "Dr." Ralph Cinque, is there then I must be there too to refute and ridicule him.

Look at him, all dressed up in his little white doctor smocks pretending to be a doctor. It's fun to play dress up.  

This guy is a true crackpot.  He believes in this "Natural Hygiene" crap.  Cinque even boasts that he interned with Herbert M Shelton.  

Dr. Ralph Cinque D.C. is a graduate of UCLA and Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon, and has been working in the health retreat and spa business all of his adult life. He interned with Dr. Herbert Shelton of San Antonio, Texas, and did a second internship with Dr. Alec Burton in Sydney, Australia. He is a past president and was one of the founders of the International Association of Hygienic Physicians. Previously, he has worked at Dr. Shelton's Health School, Utopia Health Center, Hygeia Health Retreat, Cedar Oaks Health Resort, and since April 1, 1995 he has been the director of Dr. Cinque's Health Retreat located in a small rural community 5 miles south of Austin. "The retreat provides a superb environment for weight loss and health improvement through fasting and natural living. It involves eating lots of natural foods, exercise, and letting go of stress. Some of my guests elect to undergo some form of fasting for part of the time they are here, to initiate weight loss, to detoxify, and to rest their digestive systems, and it is not as difficult as you might think." Author of "Quit for Good : How to Break a Bad Habit" IAHP certified Website

Shelton ran a "treatment school" which killed at least 6 people with this fasting nonsense. Fasting, it also helps the natural biological process known as dying.  

This is not real medicine, they are not real doctors, they do not have real medical degrees, they did not attend real schools with real accreditation licensed by any state.  Like "Dr." Rand Paul who failed to get certified and thus created his own certification board so he could mislead people and claim he is too board certified, so too these crackpots create their own schools and their own "degrees." He's the director of his own retreat.  Wow, I'm whelmed, that must have been a tough job interview.   

You want to live a long, healthy, happy life?  Stay away from "Dr." Ralph Cinque.  

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