Saturday, December 8, 2012

Another thing we can do...

Contact WFAA-TV in Dallas.

They have a website where you can contact them here.  At the submenu ask to Speak to the Manager.

And for your comment please put something like this:

Please have your legal department send a cease and desist letter to:

Ralph Cinque
305 Verdin Drive, 
Buda, TX 78610

Phone number - (512) 295-4256

He is flagrantly violating your copyright on a WFAA-TV film where Charles Buck filmed the Dallas police bringing Lee Harvey Oswald into police HQ, and at one point we see several men take Oswald past a fellow TSBD employee, Billy Nolan Lovelady.  Mr. Cinque has a wild conspiracy theory that your film was faked.  He found a single frame from this film on the internet somewhere which he thinks was faked and inserted into your film.  He thinks your film shows several fake Loveladys. He has tried to grab another single frame from this film off and with each attempt he thinks he has proof of another fake Lovelady.  You might wan to get in touch with Facebook and whoever provides him with his website and ask them to take these sites down.  

He has a website -

And a Facebook page -

Thank you for you kind attention to this matter.

Thanks folks

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