Thursday, September 26, 2013

He can be stopped. We've done it before. We'll do it again

Ralph Cinque has put up his "Oswald Innocence Campaign" page back on Facebook as a group.

It's here. He has put it under Groups.

So, we'll just tell Facebook all about this, including the IDIOT's intentions to continue the behavior that got him banned in the first place.  So, just copy and paste this and tell the good folks at Facebook.

You can report the page.  There's a little star next to a magnifying icon on the right.  Click on that and you'll see "Report Page."  

Please note that the little shit has deliberately misspelled the word "Campaign," as "campgn" so as to bypass any Facebook software that might automatically see and delete any attempt by him to recreate his Oswald Innocence Campaign site.  He has now moved from pissing off people in the JFK assassination community to pissing off Facebook.  They have very powerful attorneys Ralphie-boy, not the one imaginary lawyer you claim to have.  So, please continue to be this stupid. 

1 member

Cinque: I have submitted multiple appeals to Facebook to restore the page, and it remains to be seen if they will. But, in the event that they don't, a new page is already up and running. And this time I have it set up as a "group" instead of just a "page." 

You should take a look at it because there I explain what happened this last time, and frankly, it is an outrage that they banned me.

So, I hope they do the right thing and restore that page. But if not, we're already up and running with a new page.

But thanks for admitting that you, Backes, were one of the ones hitting that Report button every time. Well, I've got new for you: from now on, on Facebook I am referring to you as JB.

That's right, everybody. The Idiot Joseph Backes shall be known on Facebook as JB, and that way he will be powerless to complain. So, hit the Report button all you want, fool.

Backes, you are not only powerless to stop me; you can't even slow me down.

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