Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How to report offensive posts on Facebook

On the right hand side of posts, opposite of where there sometimes is a small photo on the left hand side at the top header of a post is a little invisible drop down arrow.  You have to put your cursor there to even see it. Your cursor will turn into a white gloved hand with the index finger going up.  It is not normally visible.  And it should be.  And you have two choices.

1.) Report / Mark as Spam

2.) Embed Post

Now I don't even know what "embed post," is supposed to mean, or why a reader of a site is given that option.  So, you hit the first choice because you're offended by something.

And then the entire post is gone from your view, and your view only, and is replaced with this, "Thanks for your feedback. You can Undo this action or Report this content as abusive."  So, you hit Report. 

And you'll get:

Is this post about you or a friend?
  • Yes, this post is about me or a friend:
  • No, this post is about something else:

Well, the only real choice is it's harassing me or it's harassing a friend.  You may get someone cursing at you, or threatening you.  Then hit the Violence or harmful behavior.  Then you'll get this:

What You Can Do
If you are in physical danger, please contact a local authority right away.

Hit Report to Facebook.

Sometimes when there is an image within a post it won't allow you to report the post.  Facebook will ask you why do you want to report this photo.  I don't, I want to report the post.  But, I don't know a way around that so I can report on the post.

There's one particular Facebook page, that's been taken down twice, and is now back up again that is filled with harassing taunts, insults, and threats.  The more Facebook hears from people the more seriously, hopefully, they'll take the complaints regarding the behavior of the village IDIOT from Buda, Texas and maybe the third time is the charm and they will take the site down and keep it down.

Apparently, the village IDIOT from Buda, Texas is paying Facebook money, and is buying his "Likes." That Cinque is giving Facebook money is the only explanation for Facebook reversing its own decision to take a site down and put it bak up as fast as they have been doing.  It should be called "About Face! book" as in the military command to turn around.

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