Thursday, October 3, 2013

You're seeing an adult content warning because...

Ralphie-boy is relentlessly attacking the blogs Joseph Backes created and the blogs of others because he's lost his Oswald Innocence Campaign (OIC) Facebook site.  He has put up a new OIC Facebook site where he deliberately misspells campaign  as "campgn."  He did that to get around being thrown out of Facebook.

He doesn't have a day job or anything else to keep himself busy.  So, he posts and posts and complains to anyone who will listen that everyone should be thrown off the internet except himself.

So, the bullying moron is pretending to be a victim of those who have dared to stand up to him.  He's printing off the posts where people who do not know the full breadth of the context in why and how people vigorously curse at him might agree with him that he's being treated unfairly.  He's certainly not printing off pages that show he is an instigator, or catalyst for why people curse at him, etc.

So, as Joseph Backes does curse at the fool on this blog this warning has to appear.  I don't want it to be taken down.  Mr. Backes has done a lot of good here with this blog.  There is a lot of good solid research on this blog.

Cinque, or someone working on his behalf came darn close to killing Mr. Backes' s access to his own blogs and is working day and night relentlessly to deny Mr. Backes access to his blogs So, this warning must appear so as to deny anyone the ability to have a fake outrage attack and proceed to convince anyone that that nice Mr. Cinque is just being attacked for no reason whatsoever by that mean, nasty, evil Joe Backes

So, it's not being imposed upon Mr. Backes by Google or Blogger or anyone else.  It's a safety measure that Mr. Backes is doing of his own free will to keep this site alive and to continue to fight back against the lunatic Cinque.  The content is not changing, nor is Mr. Backes's determination to fight back against the village IDIOT from Buda, Texas.

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