Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dallas 50th news

I'll write up some more comments about the conference on Monday, which it is now, but, you know later.

When I arrived and got outside the airport of DFW, it was wet, it was raining, it was windy, it was very, very cold, and I was thrilled about it.

The event was on the radio in the van as I was driven into town.  There must have been 200 to 300 cops in and around Dealey Plaza and downtown Dallas.

I was not impressed at all with David McCulloch's speech.  And I read in the paper that though Deb Conway and her group, and John Judge and his group were excluded from Dealey Plaza, as was the plan, a plan hatched more than 2 years ago, somehow the other AM radio idiot from Texas, Alex Jones, was given a public address system and he created some mischief, i.e., publicity for himself.  No how was he allowed to have a PA system?

We were in large rooms in the Adolphus Hotel this year, which was good to see.  But, the choice of presenters left a little to be desired.  There was one guy who decided when the Cold WAr ended he would go to Moscow and try to make some money over there.  This was Brian Litman, described as a KGB specialist.  He was truly laughable.  He was factual up to a point, and I'm waiting for him to, as Archie Bunker used to say to his wife when she would tell a story, GET ON WITH IT, went over a cliff.  I shit you not he started to talk like Boris Badinov from Bullwinkle and Rocky show, and then proceeded to show Boris & Natasha, and Rocky & Bullwinkle as though the JFK hit was a commie plot, and he had Boris explaining it all for us.  I had to leave the room.  When I returned Malcolm Blunt was trying to se the bozo straight on a few key facts, not that Mr. Littman would listen to anyone correcting him.  Honestly, Cinque should be offering this putz "senior membership" for delivering such 100% bullshit.

The research room where books and stuff were sold was sparsely populated.  There were two sets of the Warren Commission report and 26 volumes for sale, one for $1,500 and the other one for $2,500.  I don't think either set sold.  In the middle were some pathetic photos and tacky crap selling 50 year old photos of the women Jack Ruby hired or wanted to.  Nothing hotter than 50 plus year old porn.

COPA had stuff in the basement of this right dump called The Aloft Hotel.  If they left the Hindenburg's burnt remains on the field and just put up a piece of paper where the word Hotel was misspelled it would get more customers, more happy and satisfied customers than this Aloft Hotel.  The remains of the German fortifications at Normandy are more appealing than The Aloft Hotel.

Oh, yeah, Dealey Plaza, I have to tell you what they did to Dealey Plaza.  Okay on the north grassy knoll, the famous, or infamous one, in the open grassy area just a few feet in front of where you would have the sort of semi-circle white WPA area behind you, well, they raised up the ground, like a pitchers mound and they rest this huge long metallic plague.  You cannot see it at all from the street or if you're driving by.  You have to walk up there and have the white semi-circular thing behind you and this thing is maybe 3 or 4 feet tall by 40 feet wide.  Really, it's sole purpose is to take up the space so that no one will ever again stand there and talk to folks from that high ground elevation to a crowd of people about the JFK assassination.  That's the only reason the damn thing is so big, and is where it is.

On KERA, which is the local PBS station in Dallas they aired a documentary starring Ruth Paine!  Most of it was filmed in her old house which was saved by the Irving local historical whatever board, and is hoping to be a tourist draw.  Yes, this old piece of crap Quaker woman's home is open to the public.  She still has the same haircut, she still has those same eyes, those same condescending, no one can sell Warren Commission lies like I can, eyeballs.  I mean, they're like Frodo sized eyes.

I told folks to start saving money, 2017 is going to be a year where this whole case goes into a higher level of bat shit crazy bullshit.

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