Monday, September 1, 2014

Censorship at JFK: Uncensored

It appears that the folks at JFK: Uncensored are as wedded to the idea that documents are indeed being withdrawn to be reclassified as classified documents as Ralph Cinque is wedded to the idea that the Altgens photo shows Oswald in the doorway.  And they think that this is happening now despite all of the evidence I produced that it's not.

Why let facts undermine a sensationalistic claim?

This is yet another example of why you have to have your own voice.  And it's why I have my own blog.

I have no tolerance for people who are advocating something that is not true, especially when I have painstakingly pointed out that what they believe is true is not true. They totally disregard the evidence that disproves their beliefs and continue to act, like Ralph Cinque, as if it is true.

Apparently, I've wasted my time trying to tell them they're wrong because they are above criticism.

This is a joke.  I've got the facts on my side.  The folks at JFK: Uncensored want to live in a fantasy bubble world of their own creation.  Go ahead.

I've got better things to do than to counter your false claims.

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