Friday, January 9, 2015

New anti-Ralph Cinque blog is up

For now go to -

Ralph convinced Google that I was going to assassinate him with a stampeding herd of Chihuahuas. You see Ralphie-boy is afraid of Chihuahuas. He called the police about a neighbor's dog, a Chihuahua that barked at him.  Now we all know that Ralph is a Stupid Bitch, but Google, and Blogger? Come on, guys, wake up.

I'm going to go through a process to try to recover it. If I can reach a reasonable, rational adult I think I'll get it back no problem.  And if not, no biggie. I'll just start anew. He can pull shit like this when I'm at work so I can't respond quickly to this kind of crap.  But there will never be a day where there isn't a site proclaiming "Ralph Cinque is a Stupid Bitch."

Oh, and a small point. I put up this content warning, as before.  It doesn't mean "Adult Content" as in porno, but rather we're all adults here and we're going to call Ralph-boy exactly what he is.