Sunday, May 21, 2017

Review of episode 1 and 2 of the 6 part "JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald"

This show is too stupid for words.  But, I'll try to review it anyway. First of all, that they are touting that Oswald met with Soviet officials in Mexico City six weeks before the assassination is not news.

That these guys are presenting this tripe as news screams that they don't know a damn thing about the JFK assassination.





Bob Baer doesn't know what he's talking about.  He comes to the case firmly believeing in Oswald's guilt as the lone assassin but, because his target was the President of the United States, then he must have had help.  Oswald did it alone, but he must have had help.  

Enter the old fall back positions that the Russians, Soviets, Commies,  and Castro sort of helped, or encouraged Oswald to do it.  

Baer wants to use all the declassified files as if they show what he wants them all to show, namely, that Oswald met with our enemies, the Soviets, and the Cubans in Mexico City, then he came back and assassinated JFK.  Baer thinks he can prove it with the declassified files. He's a BS artist, no better than Gerald Posner and many others before him.  

Baer claims he was interested in the JFK assassination while he was still an active employee of the CIA.  He asked for files on Oswald.  He said he took the request all the way up to the top of the CIA at the time, George H. W. Bush.  Once he gets permission from Bush he's told all of the files have been lost. 

Oh, and in case you didn't figure Baer out yet, he says he doesn't believe in "conspiracy theories" and he thinks Oswald was the lone gunman.  

Baer has created a little set, where he'll talk and meet with his team.  And is it me, or does this room look a little bit like it's the interior of the Texas School Book Depository, with the brick walls and the windows? 

So, they introduce this team, first one up is Adam Bercovici, a former lieutenant of the Los Angeles police department. He's from the special investigation section.  Baer wants you to think he's going to look at this as a simple murder investigation.

The producers of this shit monkey around with the images of the declassified documents.  They add black ink over the words in documents, black ink that is not there on these documents when released. One document they use in this manner is the conversation between LBJ and J.Edgar Hoover about Oswald in Mexico City.  This LBJ phone transcript is not new.  But it's new to Baer who claims that of all the records he's looked at this one jumped out at him.  

Bercovici, the idiot, actually thinks no one has ever looked at this before. "The fact that that's not been looked at closely....that Oswald made it to the Soviet embassy, that's a big deal."

Now you'll note that like the Warren Report itself they're sticking to the CIA approved script that removes Cuba, and the Cuban consulate from the story of Oswald in Mexico City.  ( They're going to get to Mexico City in the 2nd episode.)

The CIA claims that they didn't know that Oswald was in the Cuban consulate too until after the assassination when they went back and examined their files.  That story is a lie.  

This is the story Baer wants to repeat.  Except we know this is bullshit.  John Newman's wonderful presentation from A.S.K. 1994 proves that the CIA knew Oswald was in the Cuban consulate, and they knew immediately.  It is precisely because people in the CIA station in Mexico City knew this that they alerted CIA HQ about this.

Now Baer has some impressive software that enables him to word search perhaps the entire JFK Collection of documents at lighting speed.  All he has to do is put in a few key words and he'll get a certain number of hits. You can see scans of documents zooming past on a computer screen.  

You see Mexi 6453 as text on his projector for a very brief moment.  

Again, Baer lies when he states that no one has looked at the whole collection. People have been pouring over what's been released as it was being released. Hell, I went through the first 12 ARRB batch releases pretty thoroughly when they came out   No, we don't have the software system he has which, come on, let's call it what it is, cheating, to do the hard work of actually reading the documents.  He hasn't done this.  His computer can't do this.  

So, Baer likes a particular document and shows it to Bercovici, and us.  He highlights a passage as though it's black ink has been taken off by Baer.  

The passage read, "the DCI also was advised that, to protect sources and methods, he should not answer on-the-record questions about Oswald in Mexico City."  Except this isn't from a document in the JFK Assassination Records Collection at all.  No, no, no, no, it's from David Robarge's declassified section from his still classified book on Allen Dulles.  And when you read it you'll see that there are some parts whited out, but there simply are not all these blacked out lines that Baer wants you to believe there are.  Here's the section Baer liked

Then acting as if Commission Gordon just called this un-dynamic duo thinks they have to get down to Mexico City right way. Very dramatically they are next seen arriving in Mexico City via a helicopter.  They land on the rooftop of a building and are met by Marty Skovlund, a senior contributor to Task &  Purpose, some kind of veterans news service website.

Skovlund in green jacket, Bercovici, in the middle with blue shirt and a dark colored jacket and Bob Baer on the right. 

So, according to a small article on "Task & Purpose" the show had the "goal of separating conspiracy theory from the truth."

These idiots misuse the LBJ-Hoover transcript of their Nov 23rd phone conversation to state that they both had knowledge of Oswald meeting with Soviets in Mexico City. They're trying to imply that they both had prior knowledge of this before the Nov 23rd phone call.  

They present this as if this transcript should have appeared in the Warren Commission's Report.  The conversation took place before the Warren Commission was created.  No one knew that LBJ had a secret phone recording system going on in the White House at the time.  

Baer and his team stand across the street of the Soviet embassy. He then wants to find out where our listening posts were and where we photographed people from.  Baer gets into an apartment that was probably a listening post.  There is a safe still in the room, and odd doors and locks.  Supposedly just an ordinary guy lives there now. 

So, Baer, thinking like Ralph Cinque, has convinced himself that once Oswald talked about political murder that the Russians would have taken the conversation outside their own embassy because they know that U.S. intel has the place under surveillance.  So, they would go to a different place where they were not under surveillance to talk. Baer wants to find this place. 

Baer is deliberately avoiding the historical record in order to come up with this alternative reality.
Baer does not go into the obvious impersonation of Oswald done by someone telephone the Soviet and Cuban consulates

Baer seems to have absolutely no knowledge of what occurred when Oswald went to the Soviet embassy.  He clearly did not do his homework.  We now know what actually did happen, from multiple sources.

So, Skovlund teams up with a new guy, a local investigator, Eric S to go to the hotel where Oswald stayed.  And Baer goes back to the documents. 

Baer seems completely ignorant of Oleg Nechiporenko and his book. 

Baer is completely ignorant of Sylvia Duran.  

Baer is so completely ignorant he's created an alternative universe for what Oswald did, which is this off-site 2nd meeting with the Soviets.  Baer wants to know if there was "re-contact" with the Russians.  What a moron.  

And again, they monkey about with the phony blacked out markings on a page.  What they are talking about is a page in the Warren Commission Report, which doesn't have any blacked out parts.  Yet, this is what they show onscreen:

That's page 544 of the Warren Commission Report. 

So, Baer, like Ralph Cinque, has convinced himself that the Russians would have given Oswald a "walk-in package."  And this is dramatized like a bad Playstation game.

This package would give instructions on where and when to next meet.  

Then Bocevici brings color scans of postcards Oswald supposedly bought in Mexico City.  Many items of personal property belonging to Oswald were photographed.  Baer thinks there's something important about the post cards.  He thinks they are tradecraft.  "They scream tradecraft to me."

By the way hitting pause to write and then come back to this show is a giant pain in the ass.  The damn website keeps wanting to go back to the beginning of the show whenever I do this.

Oleg Penkovski used post cards.  

So, Baer thinks the post cards would show the place to meet to have the second meeting.  They would be generic images of Mexico City.  But they could be telling a spy to go to the location the post card shows for a meeting.  There are four locations in Oswald's post cards, the Revolution Monument, the Torre Latino, the Angel of Independence, and the Plaza del Torsos bullring.  

Baer thinks the bullring was a perfect spot to meet Soviets and not be surveilled.  So, then Baer wants to find out if there was a bullfight when Oswald was in Mexico city.  Yes, there was on Sunday Sept 29, 1963.  So, there's a little pantomine game that Baer plays where he splits up his four man team.  Baer and a guy meet in the bullring stadium and the other two have to try to find them in the crowd.  They fail to do this.

Then Baer goes back to the documents.  If Oswald was going to meet someone who was it.  Baer shows a document.  It is referenced on page 217 of the WCR.  Its Oswald's last letter to the Soviet Embassy in Washington, D.C. This is Commission Exhibit #15.  It mentions a comrade Kostin.  Baerdoesn't know who that is.  CD #347 says Kostin is Kostikov.  Baer probably reads from RIF # 104-10439-10062, entitled "Information Developed by CIA on the Activity of Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City, 28 September - 3 October 1963."  Yes, Baer reads from page 9 and 10.  Or it's a copy of 104-10439-10062, another document that's nearly identifcal with a different RIF#.

Then Baer wants to change the search to Kostikov. And he finds this document.  Baer seems to have a higher quality version of NARA Record Number: 1993.07.30.08:41:05:430060

Baer doesn't think the CIA knew anything about Oswald meeting with Kostikov, despite the documentation he's reading coming from Warren Commission documents.  

And now, again thinking like Ralph Cinque, that he needs to go to Russia.    

There is absolutely no mention of the ARRB.  

And then it's on to episode 2. 

"If Lee Harvey Oswald was working with the KGB it would mean the the Soviet Union was responsible for the assassination of an American president."  What a schmuck.

Then he turns to his little computer to tell him things. "We have to find out what his relationship with the KGB was.  I want a chronology of Oswald's movements, what we know to be fact from the Warren Commission.  Let's go through the documents.  I want to see Moscow through his eyes.

What total crap. He seems to be completely ignorant about the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA.)  It's never mentioned.

So, his little computer brings to this idiot's attention a section from the WCR., page 690.  And it's all new to him because he didn't do his homework.  And again they show a page from the WCR with black ink lines covering the text.  That never happened.  The WCR was never classified.  The page he's showing never looked like this:

And here's the original section on page 690 of the WCR:

Baer has altered the WCR page to look like it's a recently declassified document.

Why is he doing this?  

He does it again when the apparent suicide attempt is made. 

He is doctoring pages 691 - 692 of the Warren Commission.

Baer gets the whole story of Oswald's suicide attempt wrong.  It's ridiculously dramatized too.

Baer wonders why Oswald went from the Hotel Berlin to the Metropole hotel.  

So, Baer, again thinking like Ralph Cique, being deliberately stupid, not reading up on the case, restricting the information he's presenting to the Warren Commission Report, not mentioning the HSCA, not mentioning any book, and just thinking off the top of his head in the moment wonders if Oswald was recruited, not by the CIA, but by the KGB.  

Again, as in Mexico City Baer meets up with a local 

KGB HQ is about a block away from the Metropole.  Baer wants to find "hard evidence" that the KGB operated inside the hotel.  So, surprise Baer gets access to Oswald's original room.  Claiming that analogue equipment in Russia in the late 1950's was large he thinks thee should still be evidence of it 54 years later.  So, he pulls out of a bag a ground penetrating radar device 

Meanwhile in Dallas Bocevici is now working with former FBI criminal profiler Steve Gomez and they're going to examine Oswald's personal diary.  Bocevici thinks the diary is a little gem and "a window into his soul."  Gomez likes the line "My dreams are shattered."  Gomez also is struck by the line where Oswald had been planning this for two years. So, that would be Oct of 1957 when he's 16 or 17 years old.

Again, they're blackening out text of the WC.  

Baer finds Oleg Nechiporenko. "I have no idea what this guy knows or what he'll be able to tell me."  He wrote a freaking book, you idiot!  

They make it look like Nechiporenko cannot speak English, but if you watch a little bit more it's clear that he can when he does.

Baer, who clearly doesn't know shit all about this case is stunned when Oleg tells him he never met Oswald in Russia, he met Oswald in Mexico City.  This is actually news to Baer.  Baer must have been one phenomenally stupid employee at the CIA.  And then there's the classic non-verbal looks dramatically drawn out like they do on the worst kind of soap opera before they go to a commercial.  Baer, is an idiot, to him this revelation "puts the case in a whole new light. It's the closest we've ever been to being in the room with Oswald."  

Oleg Nechiporenko tells Baer that Pavel Yatskov, the head of the consular department, and Kostikov, and himself were in the room with Oswald. They tell Oswald they are not going to give him a visa, that he should have begun this process in Washington, D.C. with the Soviet Embassy there as he was a United States citizen.  If he wants to do it in Mexico City its going to take at least three to four months.  Then we get to a part I don't believe.  Oswald pulls out a gun he had in his jacket "I can't stand it anymore.  That if there was a threat to his life he would have to use the weapon.

It's not plausible that Oswald brought a weapon into the Soviet consulate in Mexico City to begin with, and certainly not credible at all that no one checked to see if he was armed before entering the consulate.  It's just not credible that he could get a gun into a private meeting with Nechiporenko, Yatskov, and Kostikov.  

Yatskov then alerts the guard to take the gun away from him.  And this too is badly dramatized.  In the dramatization the guard takes the weapon and then places it on the table.

Baer tries to help the credibility of this part of the story saying this was before metal detectors.  Was it before the idea of frisking or examining a person, of a pad down? No.  This part of the story is not credible.  

Nechiporeko says they ended the conversation and threw Oswald out.

I think this gun story is inserted into the Mexico city story to make Oswald sound crazy, and prone to violence.  

Baer asks in response to this gun story, "What else did this guy have on his mind besides criminal violence?" 

Nechiporenko laughs at the idea that the KGB recruited Oswald.  

"What I learned from Oleg was eye opening." Oh, please.  Nechiporenko called Oswald a tornado. Baer thinks he's more like a time bomb.  Nechiporenko disagrees, someone has to make a time bomb, a tornado just forms.  So, Nechiporenko helps to reinforce the idea that Oswald is a lone nut. 

So, idiot Baer crosses off the KGB.  It was a total waste of time and money, a total waste of the audiences attention.  So, Baer goes back to LHO in Mexico City.  And Baer puts "Oswald" and "Mexico City" as search terms for the 2 million pages Baer has scanned and word searchable in his database.  And he finds...?  Sylvia Duran!  Well done, Sherlock, give yourself a cookie.

Again, he's doctoring the document with faked blacked out lines across the text. This is 104-10054-10080.  If you put the words Baer highlights in yellow into the Mary Ferrell Foundation website you get this document.  This was open in full in 1997.  There's no black ink on this at all.

And compare that with what Baer is showing you

Oh, look Oswald met with the Cubans! "This file could completely change the course of this investigation."  What a god damn idiot.  So, he asks "Sylvia Duran, who is she?"  

Oh, look at this!  It's RIF # 104-10088-10108.    

Amazingly, Baer shows the entirety of this document.  Baer notes that Duran is arrested within hours of the assassination as this cable was sent from the CIA to its station in Mexico City.  

Baer asks his assistant to look for "Sylvia Duran testimony," and is astonished when he gets  nothing.  His assistant says, "Hey, guess what, nothing."  

Baer - "You're telling me that we're getting a blank to the key witness to the murder of the President of the United States, a blank?  This isn't the key witness we're saying, this is the key witness the CIA is saying.  And the Warren Commission doesn't talk to her.

The CIA put out an arrest warrant for Sylvia Duran one day after the assassination.  But, the Warren Commission completely ignored this piece of evidence. Was this just an oversight or something more nefarious? Why didn't the CIA talk to her?"

My god, what stupidity what arrogant lies.  She did not witness the murder of JFK.  She wasn't in Dealey Plaza.   

Baer gets this all wrong.  He claims that the CIA put out an arrest for Sylvia Duran.  Well, not exactly, they got Mexican officials to arrest her.  And then he claims the Warren Commission paid no attention to her at all.  

"If she was arrested she made a statement to Mexican police, that means that the Mexicans had a file on this woman.'

This unbelievable idiot is steering his audience away from the HSCA, away from the CIA, and far away from all the declassified files on this issue as he can.  

"We need to get back into the police files at any cost," exclaims Baer.  

Then we get an aerial view of the Mexican National Archives.  God forbid we go to the American one.

And again, Baer meets up with a local.  This time with local historian Jorge Sanchez.  Now, I'll admit this looks interesting.  There are documents on Silvia Duran at the Mexican National Archive.  The question is can a member of the general public get copies of them? Is there any restriction? Are these classified?  

They then sort of tell the story of Sylvia Duran meeting Oswald.  Oswald wants a visa.  Duran gives him the forms but notices he doesn't have a photograph.  She tells him he has to have photographs of himself.  Oswald goes nuts and makes a scene.  This is badly dramatized. Duran says she only met Oswald this one time.  

Baer wonders why there is a file on Duran if she's only a clerk.  And again, in ignorance, like Cinque, Baer decides he has to find Duran.  

Behold Sylvia Duran!  Are these idiots f-ing kidding me?

Cinque couldn't do a better job.  

Baer:  "We need to track her down and see if she'll tell us the secrets she's been keeping all these years."  What a schmuck.  

Well, Baer finds her at her apartment but she never answers the door or opens it.  She tells him to  go away.  Baer then is seen talking on a smart phone in a parking lot somewhere, supposedly talking to Duran and she agrees to talk to him.  But, not so fast.  Back at her apartment as Baer waits outside her door a guy dressed in some kind of police, or guard uniform asks Baer and his crew to leave the premises. 

Duran apparently left her apartment,  Baer thinks Duran ran to avoid talking to him.  

Baer seems to find an interesting document in the closing credits claiming "This is explosive."

So's a fart.


Baer on Fernand Amandi.  ( a radio show in Miami, Florida) 

Morley's JFK Facts website has a portion of this online. 

1st clip - ( Not the actual start of the radio show )  It's an edited out highlight,  I guess.  This is just an image and not a link.  

So, there's really three clips.  

These are my comments on the first clip, which correspond to the image above. 

Amandi apparently comes back from a commercial.  Amandi sets it up that Oswald is meeting with some strange people before the assassination.  And he asks what will we see on episode two.

Baer states that one of the things that disturbs him is that Hoover comes to the conclusion that it was the job of a lone nut within hours of the assassination.  Baer misrepresents the phone call between J. Edgar Hoover and LBJ which happened early in the morning on Saturday, November 23, 1963.  Baer disparages the FBI saying they want an arrest right away or they tend to let things go.  Also, LBJ wanted rumors about the Cuban and Russian intelligence to just go away.     

In the intro to this using audio from the History Channel show we heard Baer claim that Oswald's reason for going to the Soviet Embassy to get a visa was a ruse implying that both Oswald and the Soviets seemed to have pre-arranged this, as if the Soviets are trying to recruit Oswald.  This is nonsense from someone who hasn't done their homework.  Baer is trying to redefine what happened with Oswald in Mexico City.  He's trying to rewrite the whole thing as if no one else has ever looked at it.  This is Ralph Cinque style thinking.

Baer mentions that there are a lot of files relating to the JFK assassination that are missing.  He mentions talking to the head of the Secret Service who just retired.  [ Does he mean Julia Pierson? She resigned in October of 2014. ] She says she was always disturbed about a page that was ripped out of Oswald's diary listing people he wanted to kill. JFK's name was not on it. This was never logged into evidence. It has disappeared. [ I never heard about this ] She was always concerned about that, Baer claims.

He talks about the Hitler show he did.  He thinks Hitler did die in the bunker.

"JFK is the third rail of conspiracy theories."  

This segment has Dan Hardway on it, which appears to be the first time he's on as he's properly introduced. 

Armandi asks Dan Hardway if he shares in any of the conclusions Baer has found.  The only thing is that there's something about Oswald in Mexico City that the CIA does not want the world to know. That's the extent of his agreement with anything Baer has to say.  Hardway introduces the story of George Jannindes.  The first people to put forward any conspiracy theory were CIA propaganda asset Carlos Bringuier and others members of the DRE. They did this within 48 hours of the assassination.  The DRE was being run by George Joannides.  The DRE is the Directorio Revolucionario Estudentil, just Google it.

Hardway points out that when he and Ed Lopez were digging into Oswald in Mexico City the CIA brought this guy out retirement, George Joannides to be the new liaison to the HSCA.  No one knew of Joannides background with  the DRE, and Oswald when Joannides was brought forth to basically stop Ed Lopez and Dan Hardway.  Even Blakey didn't know of Joannides past with the DRE and Oswald.  So, Hardway notes that in Baer's show Baer mentions that he was always interested in the JFK assaassintion, even going all the way to the then director, George H. W. Bush, for files about the JFK assassination.  Well, George H. W. Bush was the CIA director in 1976 to 1977 which was during the beginning of the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA.)  So, Hardway asks Baer if he helped George Joannides in trying to shut the HSCA down.

Amandi doesn't allow this to be confrontational.  He just plainly asks if Baer had ever heard of George Joannides.  He says no, but I don't find that credible.  

Baer points out that there was only one part of the JFK assassination that interested him, but he doesn't tell us what that is.  Baer says only one part of the JFK assassination interested him and he asked for files on this, they never got to him, they were lost.  Now this makes it sound like they were sent and got lost in the mail.  There's no real evidence Baer ever asked for such files, or if any were ever sent, or anything about any files going missing.  Baer gives no specifics.   No follow up from Baer or even internally inside the CIA.  You'd think they'd be worried about their own files mysteriously going missing.  Baer does not elaborate on what specific part of the JFK assassination intrigued him.  Baer seems to back away from the show saying how there are editors and others looking at documents, and that this is not a Bob Baer conclusion, that's not how The History Channel works. He wants people to watch and to see if its reasonable.   And that the show is not the Bob Baer conspiracy theory.  Yes, it is.

Morley calls Baer's claim that nobody has ever looked into Oswald in Mexico City before as "just silly."  Morley wrote a book about Win Scott, the CIA station chief in Mexico City at the time of Oswald's visit to Mexico City.  Morley is critical of the show for going to Russia and Mexico City in looking at the Soviet and Cuban angles but not having anything at all about the CIA tracking Oswald in the Soviet Union or in Mexico City.  There's nothing about Oswald and the CIA on Baer's show. Morley also points out that the Kostikov story is not new.  

Defensively Baer quickly responds, "We never said it was new.  It's all over the internet.  It's all over the history books..." ( What history books? ) "We never said it was a new story."

Morley points out that it wasn't new to the CIA, and that they knew about Kostikov at the time, well before the assassination.  The lie is that the CIA didn't know about Cuba and Kostikov until  after the assassination. 

Morley says he's looking at a document dated October 8, 1963 where it mentions Kostikov and Oswald meeting.  ( See RIF #104-10151-10007. There are several copies of this CIA cable from its Mexico City station to CIA HQ such as104-10015-10304, 104-10434-10002. )  Amanda doesn't let Morley get into the detail and importance of the 8 Oct 1963 CIA cable from the Mexico City station to HQ.  

Baer wonders where was Oswald going after the assassination.  

Armandi jumps in claiming he's only got a minute left and asks Baer if he thinks Trump should release all the CIA files on the JfK assassination.  This is really the end of the program


2nd clip, which is really the start of the Amandi show.

The first segment appears underneath a clip of about 6 minute in length where it says Baer kind of thinks Castro sort of done it.  It starts with the Hoover and LBJ conversation, same intro as the above clip.  

The actual first part of Fernand Amanda appears underneath that.  This first aired on the Tuesday when the second episode of the History Channel series aired.  Baer introduces the idea that Oswald's visit to the Soviet Embassy wasn't about getting a visa to go from Mexico to Cuba and onward back to Russia.  No, no, no.  First of all Baer removes Cuba entirely from the equation, then he tries to remove the whole application for a visa from the equation too.  Baer wants to introduce to people that that was all a ruse, the visa thing was a fake, that there was some other reason why Oswald went to the Soviet embassy.  A soon as he went in Oswald would have been met by a diplomatic official, who Baer says was probably a KGB official, and then Baer says Oswald would have been quickly ushered into a room to see if he would be on any use.  By omitting the true, known sequence of events Baer is trying rewrite everything about Oswald in Mexico City. Baer thinks the whole attempt to get a visa was a cover story.  

This is all 100% bullshit.  The Russians didn't have any advanced notice that Oswald was going to their embassy in Mexico City as Baer is implying. And striping out the Cuban consulate from the story distorts the hell out of the whole point of Oswald going to Mexico City.

Baer has Oswald going to the Russian embassy in Mexico City first, well only, as there's nothing about the Cuban consulate.  This is not true and indicative of the fact that Baer didn't do his homework.  Baer wants to make people think that the plan to assassinate JFK started with Oswald in the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City, or that you should think so at least until episode 2.  

In truth Oswald, or someone claiming to be Oswald, goes to the Cuban consulate first. He meets Silvia Duran.  He says he wants to go to Cuba and then onto Russia.  Well, he can't go to Cuba without a Russian visa.  And he doesn't have passport photos.  So, he leaves and comes back with passport photos. Duran helps him fill out the forms and informs him he would have to get a Soviet via first before she could issue his Cuban visa. He goes directly to the Soviet embassy.  According to their rules travel to the Soviet Union would be handled through the embassy or consulate of origin to which the petitioner was from.  They tell him they could handle it from Mexico but that it would take four months.  Oswald doesn't like that response, throws a temper tantrum and is thrown out of the embassy.  Oswald goes back to the Cuban consulate and lies.  Oswald said he got approved by the Soviet embassy. Duran is suspicious of this and calls the Soviet embassy and leaves her name and number.  Kostikov calls her back.  Kostikov tells her he can't do anything for Oswald without hearing from the Soviet embassy in Washington. Oswald again makes a scene at the Cuban consulate and their consul Eusebio Azcue throws Oswald out.  This all happened on the same day, Friday, Sept 27, 1963.  Oswald does not return to the Cuban consulate.  

On Saturday morning, Sept 28, 1963 Oswald visits the Soviet embassy again in another attempt to get a visa.  Saturday mornings are special with the Russians as its when they play volleyball which they are devoted to.  It's in this second visit that Oswald fearing the FBI followed him to Mexico City shows the Russians a gun which he says he carries because he's afraid.  Parts of this are dramatized by Baer's show.  I find it not credible that a man could sit down with Kostikov carrying a loaded gun and he wasn't checked to make sure he didn't have one on him before they let him in.  After this second visit the Russians never see Oswald again.  They do send a cable to Moscow detailing all of this Oswald nonsense. 

Now that's a brief synopsis of what actually happened "in person," some monkey business via telephone was just about to start.  

Baer says he only uses "declassified" information and "pressure tests it" to see if it holds up.  Bullshit.  

One thing Baer found interesting was a guy from Cuba, a DGI defector, a signals intelligence officer who was told to turn off listening to Florida and Washington, D.C. and listen in on Dallas, pick up HF communications.  That call came from Castro's office.  So, because of this Baer wanted to look at the whole foreign connection with Oswald.  Baer wonders, did Oswald have help at some point?

Baer claims Oswald was "a talker."  He's dealing with Russians and Cubans.  Now if that's not put into its proper context it sounds new, and it can get easily sensationalized, which is exactly what Baer does.  He wants you to think that Oswald got three KGB officials together to hear his story, and on a Saturday too.   

Baer overemphasizes the fact that Oswald went to Mexico City and met with Kostikov who was with Dept. 13, the branch responsible for assassinations.  Kostikov is supposedly in charge of assassinations for the whole western hemisphere.  Baer makes a very poor analogy to today's enemies ISIS claiming if a lone man went and killed someone important, like the President, or a group of people, and it was later learned he met with high level ISIS people would we really say he was a lone nut? So, Baer wants to introduce people to the Oswald-Mexico City-Kostikov in this context, a false one.  

Armandi goes to Morley.  Morley says we've heard of this "Castro-sort-or-did-it," before.  It was first presented by CIA propaganda assets and members of the DRE.  Baer is parroting Brian Latell's book "Castro's Secrets."  The story of this DGI defector is in that book.  Florentino Aspillaga is the General Directoriate of Intelligence, DGI, defector.  Aspillaga's story was not known prior to the first edition of "Castro's Secrets" in 2012. There should be a CIA debrief of this. Aspillaga's story is a JFK assassination record and should be released to the national archives and made available to the American public.  There is nothing confirming the Aspillaga's story. Morley asked for the documentation of the Aspillaga debrief.  Morley, "This is a theory that cannot be confirmed."  

Morley thinks the show is not balanced as it doesn't really reveal anything from the CIA and what they knew about Oswald in Mexico City.  

Baer admits none of what he's presenting is new in regards to Oswald in Mexico City.  Baer is reluctant to admit that he's presenting nothing new.  Then he says they do an echo analysis.
So, they want to debunk the HSCA-Dallas dictabelt recording indicating a shot from the grassy knoll.  How many times have they tried to debunk that?  And then there's no evidence of a second shooter, no evidence the CIA knew there was going to be an assassination attempt. Baer, "We're looking at this from a holistic point of view." Bullshit.  

Baer thinks Castro might have been tipped off about the assassination by anti-Castro activists before it happened.   

Morley asks for the Aspillaga's story, the CIA debrief.  Morley wants the documentation.   

Baer doesn't directly answer that but he supports the Aspillaga's story and thinks it is valid because he knows the people who did the debrief.  Baer says he ran defectors before.  

Oddly, Baer rejects everything Silvia Duran has said because she was tortured.  Baer doesn't know the full Silvia Duran story.  

Baer says that Silvia Duran claims that Oswald was only inside the Cuban Consulate once, on Friday Sept 27, 1963.  Baer says he has multiple witnesses that can disprove that.  

3rd Segment

This seems to be the same as the 2nd segment.  

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  1. Once a Company man, always a Company man. Thanks for all the detailed analysis. The show didn't pass my smell test but it is nice to know why...