Friday, November 25, 2016

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Now I like him even more

JFK wanted to get abolish the Electoral College system back in 1957!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Once again the basic idea of correct aspect ratio settings and the question, "What is aspect ratio?" shows up in JFK photographic analysis

On Facebook a guy was wondering about those who think this image does not show Jack Ruby.  This is Jack Ruby but with incorrect aspect ratio he looks taller and thinner than Jack Ruby.  So, some people can be convinced he's not Jack Ruby and are diverted off into a waste of time trying to find out who this guy really is.

Here's the same image but with the proper aspect ratio.  Now when people see this image it's clearly Jack Ruby.   

So, thank you to Philip Smith! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Draft of 5th Volume of Bay of Pigs History released

From the FAS Project on Government Secrecy
Volume 2016, Issue No. 88
November 1, 2016

Secrecy News Blog:


The Central Intelligence Agency yesterday released a long-sought draft of the fifth volume of its internal history of the 1961 invasion of the Bay of Pigs.

The release was among the first tangible results of this year's amendments to the Freedom of Information Act, which imposed a 25 year limit on the exemption for "deliberative" files. As a result, the 1984 draft history could no longer be legally withheld.

CIA said in a cover note that "This fifth draft volume was not publishable in its present form, in the judgment of CIA Chief Historians as well as other reviewers, because of serious shortcomings in scholarship, its polemical tone, and its failure to add significantly to an understanding of the controversy over the Bay of Pigs operation.


Indeed, the new "volume is strange, in some respects, and interesting," said Villanova Prof. David M. Barrett, who had filed a lawsuit last summer for release of the draft history.

"Essentially, it is a critical history of the Inspector General's critical report on Bay of Pigs, which mainly blamed CIA incompetence for the failure at Bay of Pigs.  [The author, CIA historian Jack] Pfeiffer says IG Lyman Kirkpatrick's report was, itself, biased and incompetent.  Pfeiffer says the most obvious cause of failure at Bay of Pigs was JFK's decision to cancel a planned 2nd airstrike in support of the invaders at Bay of Pigs," Barrett said.

He noted several highlights:

Author Pfeiffer describes one of the IG report's authors as probably mentally ill (p. 75).  Writing in about 1983, Pfeiffer says that CIA had kept the IG report and other internal analyses of Bay of Pigs classified Secret in order to avoid airing its "dirty laundry." (p. 4).  

Pfeiffer says CIA hired a couple of people to write the true story of Bay of Pigs with the hope of having Life Magazine or another outlet publish it.  Only State Dept objections stopped that from being pursued, though the authors did write the article. (p. 87-90)

At the end, Pfeiffer suggests in a footnote that the history program (where he worked!) should probably be abolished, and the raw materials it possessed should be destroyed; the Operations Directorate was hostile to it, and it was hard to see the point of the program. (p. 146)

"Not quite earth-shaking history, but I think the real story is that CIA spent much effort and money over the past 5 years to prevent [release] of this document," Barrett said.

The National Security Archive, which had previously filed suit to obtain the document, hailed its release here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tom Pettit reporting from Jesse Curry's office.

Another new discovery, for me anyway.  I've never seen this clip before. 

Tom Petit and other reporters are inside Police Chief Jesse Curry's office.  Curry tells them the paraffin test was positive.  Pettit also reports that Curry has made a point of telling them that neither he nor his police department knew Oswald was in Dallas but that the FBI did. 

So, this would be at least two examples where Curry tells the press that the FBI knew Oswald was in Dallas.  You've probably seen where Curry says this in response to reporters asking him questions in the hall.  This press gathering in his office had to have been before he comes out and states that the FBI is under no obligation to tell the DPD anything about anything.  We all know Hoover went ballistic when he heard Curry saying that the FBI knew Oswald was in Dallas for two weeks before the assassination and didn't tell the local police anything about Oswald.  


Friday, October 21, 2016

I found something interesting

So, I was watching NBC coverage of the JFK assassination when I saw Nancy Dickerson, mother of John Dickerson who is the new host of CBS's Face The Nation, said something rather interesting.

Secret Service Agent Rufus Youngblood who had been with LBJ since he was elected Vice President was given a new task exactly one month prior to the assassination. This new job was to work on special investigations for the Secret Service.  This job assignment took effect on the day of the assassination.

Well, that sounds damn interesting doesn't it?

Vince Palamara says:

Who gave Youngblood this new assignment?