Sunday, December 13, 2009

Doug Horne makes astounding claims on Black Op Radio

Black Op Radio is a program that airs on Thursday Nights.  It is hosted by Len Osanic.  On Thursday Len had Doug Horne on.  It was an extensive show over 2 hours in length.  Len basically just let Doug talk.  There were no other guests, and really no questions from anyone listening in.

Doug Horne on Black Op Radio.

The one item Doug mentioned that hit me like a ton of bricks was that he believes that there was indeed pre-autopsy surgery of the head area, as mentioend by Sibert and O'Neil, but that it was done at Bethesda by Humes! (and presumably Boswell)

Tom Robinson and Ed Reed saw Humes do this post mortem, pre-autopsy surgery.  Tom Robinson saw Humes remove JFK's brain. Ed Reed saw Humes take a scalpel to JFK's head and cut just above the forehead and just behind the hairline, and then he saw Humes take a circular saw to JFK's head. Then he was ordered out of the room.

So, the damage to JFK's head as seen in this autopsy photograph is not the result of damage caused by an assassin's bullet, as the HSCA told you, it's the result of post mortem, pre-autopsy surgery of the head.  My God. 

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