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Another video find. This supports Doug Horne's story

When AF1 lands at Andrews Air Force base reporters are heard talking.  In this video from NBC's coverage we hear a male voice comment "A helicopter is standing by near the presidential jet to take the coffin away."  This occurs at about 2:50 into this video.  How does this reporter know this? Why did he say this? What or who was his source for this information?

Doug Horne researched this helicopter.  A helicopter was sent to Andrews to take the casket to Bethesda.  But, the pilot of this helicopter saw the bronze casket taken into a grey Naval ambulance.  Jackie and RFK went in this ambulance.  So, thinking something changed, he cannot now take the coffin anywhere. So, he flies back to Quantico.

But, hold on a minute.  If we accept that the bronze ceremonial casket is empty when it arrives with Jackie and RFK at Bethesda, we know this is true because of the stories told by Jerrol Custer and Dennis David.  They have already examined JFK's corpse and are caring photographs and X-rays when they see Jackie and RFK arriving, so it cannot also be in the bronze ceremonial casket.  So, since Jackie and RFK came straight from Andrews then the casket was empty when it was placed in the ambulance at Andrews.

So, the question is when was JFK's body taken out of the bronze casket? Both Lifton and Horne believe JFK was in the bronze casket when it was placed aboard Air Force One ( AF1) at Love Field airport in Dallas and was taken out of it while onboard AF1.

What if it wasn't?  What if JFK was already taken out of the bronze casket before it was placed aboard AF1 at Love Field?

I think it's unlikely that JFK's body was taken out of the bronze casket whilst onboard AF1 before it left Love Field.

I think it's entirely possible it was not in the bronze casket when it was place aboard AF1 at Love Field.  There is a great deal of unexplained delays before AF1 leaves Love Field.  William Manchester records that passengers were told to close the blinds on the windows.  The engines were turned on but not the air conditioning.  Luggage from Lyndon's VP jet Air Force 2 was moved over to Lyndon's new plane AF1 to the disbelief and consternation of the Kennedy entourage.  Could JFK have been taken out of the bronze casket at some time, some point in the several strange delays before AF1 left Love Field?  Could JFK's body have really been placed aboard AF2? AF2 also left Love Field and flew to Andrews. Very little is known about AF2's flight to and arrival at Andrews. Remember, Charles Collingwood stated on CBS "that JFK's body came up on another plane." If so, that "other plane" was AF2.

So, continuing with this train of thought I think the helicopter meant to take JFK's casket to Bethesda given the call sign "Nighthawk One" might have been in a cheap shipping casket aboard AF2.  When it lands at Andrews it is supposed to meet up with the Nighthawk One helicopter.  But, this pilot doesn't know JFK isn't in the bronze casket.  So, when he sees "the casket" ( why would he think there would be two?) go into the Navy ambulance he thinks something got changed, he cannot comply with his orders so he leaves Andrews.  If my thesis is correct then someone has to get another helicopter to take a casket to Bethesda.  I think they succeeded in doing this.  A helicopter is the only way JFK's body could have gotten to Bethesda ahead of the ambulance with the empty bronze casket.
Exactly how this happened is as yet unknown.


My thoughts on body alteration.

At one time as a JFK researcher I may have held the view that JFK's body was not altered.  I honestly don't recall when or where I said or wrote that.  I've been at this a very long time.  It has consumed me.   I've spent most of my adult life being a JFK researcher and in many ways to my own detriment. Friends and classmates have gotten married, some have children of their own now who are the age their parents were when I knew them, if not older.  They've pursued their education, married, had kids, bought homes, etc. One has died. In some ways I wonder where I would be if I didn't pursue this JFK stuff. I know my imaginary doppelgänger of myself would certainly be better off educationally, financially, professionally, and probably personally.  However, I just knew I had to get involved in this.  I am glad I did what I did.  I'm grateful I got to travel and meet the people I did. I'm grateful I've made the friends I did who also care and continue to study this case.  But, it does come at a cost.

I've changed my opinions and beliefs in some aspects of the case as new evidence or information has come in.  This case is large, immense. It calls to mind what Hercule Poirot said in Mr. Ratchett's train cabin in the film "Murder on the Orient Express, "there are too many clues in this room."  It takes a great deal of time to be conversant on the basic topics or issues in the case. And very few people do it well.  Jim DiEugenio and John Newman are some of the best presenters of JFK assassination information both old and new.  New information is coming to light from the newly declassified documents and other areas that make us rethink areas of the case. This is certainly true in the area of the medical evidence.

David Lifton's book "Best Evidence" was ground breaking.  You have to own a copy and you have to read it and comprehend what David Lifton discovered.  It is a great achievement.  Lifton found in the records of the Warren Commission an FBI document written by agents Sibert and O'Neill who were in the autopsy room in Bethesda when JFK's body was removed from a casket and placed on the autopsy table.  "The president's body was removed from the casket in which it had been transported and was placed on the autopsy table, at which time the complete body was wrapped in a sheet and the head area contained an additional wrapping which was saturated with blood.  Following the removal of the wrapping it was ascertained that the President's clothing had been removed and it was also apparent that a tracheotomy had been performed, as well as surgery of the head area, namely, in the top of the skull."  

There were several problems with this.  It's a different casket. Where did JFK's clothes go? Who took them off, where and when? And most importantly, what's this about surgery of the head area?

Best Evidence's weakness, however, is when Lifton speculates where and when the body alteration occurred.  But,  you have to understand when it was written.  This was back in 1981.  The House Select Committee on Assassinations had just finished its investigation.  We only had the HSCA Final Report and its volumes.  The HSCA gave a very different description of the wounds from what the Warren Commission described.

We now have a great deal of the HSCA's files thanks to the ARRB.  Doug Horne worked for the ARRB and was a driving force for what they did in the medical aspects of the case.  He wrote a 5 volume series on the medical aspects of the case ( Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4, Volume 5 ).  He built upon and expanded what Lifton found.

So, let me state my current beliefs. Yes, I believe the bronze ceremonial casket was empty when it arrived at Bethesda.  This is the conclusion you must come to when you hear Denis David and Jerrol Custer who worked at Bethesda.  They have examined JFK's corpse, taken photos and X-rays.  And when going from the autopsy room with X-rays and photos to develop, or having developed them and were returning to the autopsy room they see RFK and Jackie arriving from a grey Naval ambulance that supposedly has JFK's corpse still in the bronze ceremonial casket.  JFK's corpse cannot be in the bronze ceremonial casket if Custer and David have already examined it.  JFK's corpse cannot be in two places at the same time.

Yes, I do believe the body was altered.  No, I do not believe body alteration occurred at Parkland, somewhere else in or near Dallas on the way to Love Field, at Love Field, in AF1 or AF2 at Love Field or in the air on route to Andrews, or somewhere else in or near Washington, D.C.  I believe it happened at Bethesda.  It's the best place for it to happen.  The conspirators can totally control the area and its personnel and there is no time problem to do it and then get it to Bethesda.  I think Doug Horne has got it right on this.

As for my possible discovery of RFK going up some stairs and entering AF1 it's on this blog, the post is entitled "Is this RFK going up the stairs of Air Force One and into the plane as it arrived at Andrews Air Force base? "

 Unfortunately, the CBS video of this put up on that I linked to in my earlier post has since been taken down. I took some still shots from that video.  Another video shows the same scene.  At about 1:27:25 the anchor is now Harry Reasoner.  He takes over from Charles Collingwood.  Reasoner is told what they are showing is live video of AF1 arriving at Andrews Air Force base. You will hear a voice say, "It is live, live, live!"  You will see stairs being brought to the front of the plane.  I only see two men enter and one is wearing a white military hat.  I think the other man is RFK.  We know RFK went to Andrews and entered the plane this way. So, it's probably him.

Almost in the dead center of this image (below) is a man going up the stairs.  I think this is Bobby.  Yes, I know it's not a great clear image.  And, yes, I could be wrong.  But, I think it's a strong possibility it's him.

Dr. Robert McClelland dies at 89

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An IDIOT named "Gregory Klein."

Has anybody dealt with someone calling himself Gregory Klein? He's left some comments on on a video I found.  This is a little discovery I made from the CBS coverage of the assassination on the day of the assassination.  At one point Walter Cronkite takes a break from his anchor desk and turns things over to Charles Collingworth.  This is the video.  Collingworth states that JFK's body did not come up from Dallas aboard AF1 but came up in another plane.

The importance of this is that, A.) it was broadcasted on the day of the assassination, and B.) someone had to have told this to Collingworth.  Who told this to Collingworth is not known.  That's what I want to know.


But, "Gregory Klein," seems to think I am.  He wants to argue about where alterations to JFK's body might have taken place.  That's another issue.

David Lifton in his book "Best Evidence" establishes rather convincingly that JFK's body arrived at Bethesda before RFK and Jackie did.  Now RFK met AF1 at Andrews Air Force base.  Indeed, I believe I've found RFK quickly going up the stairway and entering the front of AF1 from the television coverage of this.  I have that in another post on this blog.  We can all see RFK and Jackie, still in her blood stained clothes getting into a grey Naval ambulance and in the back is the bronze ceremonial casket that everyone believes has JFK's corpse in it. Lifton interviewed Bethesda employees, Dennis David and Jerrol Custer who were already working on JFK's body and were taking X-rays to be developed prior to the arrival of RFK and Jackie in the grey naval ambulance. This ambulance supposedly has JFK's body in the bronze ceremonial casket.

How can this be? If JFK's body arrived earlier and they took pictures and photos, etc, then JFK's body cannot also be outside in the Navy ambulance. The bronze ceremonial casket must be empty.

So, what explains this? Well, since "Best Evidence" came out in 1980 we've had Oliver Stone's movie  "JFK"and the law, Public Law 102-527, known as the JFK Act that declassified millions of pages of documents relating to the assassination.  Many of the records released related to the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) study of the JFK Assassination.  It was the HSCA final report and accompanying volumes that David Lifton used as the primary material for his work as he compared and contrasted it with the conclusions of the Warren Commission. Lifton theorized that JFK's body might have been removed from the bronze ceremonial casket during the swearing in of LBJ aboard AF1.  But, this assumes that JFK's body was in the bronze ceremonial casket when it was placed aboard AF1.

What if it wasn't?

What if JFK's body was removed from the bronze ceremonial casket earlier than that? What if what Collingworth reported is true?

I do not believe either David Lifton or Doug Horne were aware of this video clip from CBS prior to the writings of their books.

I do not believe any body alteration took place aboard any plane, whether JFK is on AF1 or AF2.  Nor do I believe any body alteration took place in Dallas.  I do not believe the John Liggit story, nor anything to do with body swapping with Officer J.D. Tippit.

If what Collingworth says is true, I think it's a major find and it would fit in with known facts.

Doug Horne relates the story of someone at Andrews who was a helicopter pilot who was going to take JFK's body to Bethesda. But, he saw a casket placed into an ambulance and RFK and Jackie get in and thought oh, well then they're going to go that way so he thinks his orders have changed.

I'm aware of this story.  It could very well be true.  It's possible that RFK and Jackie are going with a casket that they probably don't know does not contain JFK's body. This was part of someone's plan. And not knowing everything that was going on the helicopter pilot then left leaving the conspirators behind who now have to make new arrangements to get JFK's body to Bethesda. It's not impossible for them to commandeer another helicopter or vehicle to get JFK's body to Bethesda ahead of the Navy ambulance with RFK and Jackie.

I agree with Horne that body alteration took place at Bethesda.  Before you get into body alteration it's vital to try to understand exactly where and when the body is.  If you understand that the bronze ceremonial casket seen offloaded at Andrews airfare base which went straight to Bethesda had to be empty, then JFK's body was intercepted sometime between leaving Parkland hospital and AF1's arrival at Andrews airfare base.

Below are some of Klein's posts

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The TSBD and BudaPest stupidity

There are several problems one encounters if one wants to research the history of the Texas School Book Depository.  The first is trying to separate out records actually dealing with the true history of the entity and not the building at 411 Elm street.  I call it an entity because you have to separate it from the building at 411 Elm Street. We’re not interested in the history of the building. The Texas School Book Depository existed prior to 1963 when it moved into the building at 411 Elm Street.  

IDIOTPANTS has been huffing and puffing his failure to understand what he steals off the internet and presents as his own ideas. He has found an ad for The Texas School Book Depository from The Texas Outlook in 1923. He claims this ad from 1923 is bogus because he insists The Texas School Book Depository was not registered as a corporate entity until 1927. So, therefore, in his tiny mind, this is absolute proof it did not exist at all prior to 1927 and thus the 1923 ad is a fake.

What a moron.

If he had spent another minute on his Google search he would actually learn something. 

Let’s go back and carefully examine the ad. 

There is a name next to Texas School Book Depository.  It’s Hugh Perry.  Well, who is he?  “A History of Greater Dallas and Vicinity, Volume 2,” by Philip Lindsley and Luther B Hill ( It’s available as a free download. ) tells us that Hugh Perry is the proprietor of the Texas School Book Depository.  He was born in Newman, Georgia in 1858.  He moved to Texas when he was 14 in 1872.  He soon established himself in the retail book business in Sherman where the Houston and Texas Central Railroad was.  He was very successful and quickly moved into the field of school textbooks.  There were a number of schools and colleges in Sherman who were his customers.  He moved to Dallas in 1903.

In May of 1907 he established The Texas School Book Depository.  And in 1908 a two story building was built at 485-487 Commerce St to house the business. This address served as the central headquarters of the business.  It also had other central and smaller branch depositories throughout the state of Texas. The books Hugh Perry handles have been “officially adopted by the state of Texas for use in its public schools.”  The Dallas site was its central wholesale distributor.  It had branches in each county seat, and in each town whose population was more than a thousand. That made for a total of 622 branch depositories as required by state law and another 273 other depositories not required by state law for a total of 895 branches.  

So, no, it’s not impossible for Hugh Perry to run an ad for his business in 1923.  

But ignore all of those facts.  IDIOTPANTS wants to believe the bullshit of William Weston who thinks the whole idea that the TSBD had anything to do with books is bogus because they were really a CIA front into espionage, drug running and selling guns.  If you're an IDIOT you'll believe and promote the BS of William Weston. 

IDIOTPANTS then goes into another rant that “high school books are provided,” and “students don’t have to buy them.”

WRONG.  Textbooks are purchased by the school districts who then provide them to the students.  They are purchased through the money school districts receive in taxes paid by the property owners within the school district.  And even then some books would have to be purchased.  It may also be the case that the TSBD supplied books to private high schools where, yes, students would have to pay something for textbooks. 

Another idiocy is it wouldn’t make sense for the TSBD to sell high school books which he thinks no one actually buys and to sell college textbooks which people do have to buy.  

Another idiocy is some point he’s trying to make that since the TSBD sold elementary grade textbooks, like the “Dick and Jane” series which introduce children to reading therefore it’s stupid for them to sell high school and college levels textbooks too.  

This is followed by more idiocy that the 1923 ad was published in The Texas Outlook, a trade journal published by the Texas State Teacher’s Association which he insists “did not include college professors.” Really? Who does he think teaches at Texas State universities who train their students into becoming the teachers at high schools? Does he think the Texas State Teacher’s Association is not made up of college professors, or that the readers of The Texas Outlook are not college professors or trained by college professors, or hope to be college professors? 

He goes on to insist that Hugh Perry’s Texas School Book Depository never ever carried textbooks for high school or college. 

He’s called IDIOTPANTS for a reason. 

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More morons selling crap

There is some fool claiming that in the sprocket hole area of the Zapruder film an image of an assassin located on the roof of the County Records building was magically captured.  This was due to the "curved lens" of Zapruder's camera.

WTF? This crap was written by Deborah Whittington on the Dealey Plaza UK Facebook page.  And there's another fool going by "Racerkey999," on with a video about this.

This is total bullshit.  What the hell do they think a camera lens is anyway? Has anyone ever heard of one that was not curved? What are they supposed to be, square shaped? Triangular? A rhombus?

This happens all to frequently by people who don't want to do the reading, don't want to do the research.  They want to make a big stupid claim to try and pretend they're someone important. They're not.  They are fraudsters selling total crap. 

Friday, August 2, 2019

How can anyone be this stupid?

The BudaPest asks:

Because they are two completely different buildings at two completely different addresses Raff, you F-ing IDIOT!  Elm & Houston vs 2013 Jackson Street.  

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RFK's granddaughter dies of overdose at historic Kennedy compound

( From the NYT - Aug 1, 2019 )

BOSTON — A granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy died on Thursday afternoon after suffering an apparent overdose at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Mass., according to two people close to the family.

The young woman, Saoirse Kennedy Hill, 22, was the daughter of Courtney Kennedy Hill. She was at the compound, where her grandmother, Ethel Kennedy, lives, when emergency responders were called on Thursday afternoon, the family friends said. She was taken to Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis, where she was pronounced dead.

“Our hearts are shattered by the loss of our beloved Saoirse,” the Kennedy family said in a statement. “Her life was filled with hope, promise and love.”

The statement quoted Ethel Kennedy, 91, Robert F. Kennedy’s widow, as saying, “The world is a little less beautiful today.”

The authorities issued a statement confirming a death at the property but did not disclose the identity of the victim or the cause of death. “Early this afternoon Barnstable police responded to a residence on Marchant Avenue in Hyannis Port for a report of an unattended death,” said Tara Miltimore of the Cape and Islands District Attorney’s Office. “The matter remains under investigation by the Barnstable police as well as state police detectives assigned to the Cape and Islands District Attorney’s Office.”

Before enrolling in Boston College, where she was a communication major and vice president of the College Democrats, Ms. Kennedy Hill wrote about her struggles with depression and mental illness for the student newspaper at Deerfield Academy, a private preparatory school in Massachusetts, in 2016. Her depression, she wrote, “took root in the beginning of my middle school years and will be with me for the rest of my life.” She described “deep bouts of sadness that felt like a heavy boulder on my chest.”

Ms. Kennedy Hill spent part of her childhood in Ireland, and often said she was proud of her Irish heritage and her Gaelic given name, which means freedom. Her father, Paul Michael Hill, is one of the Guildford Four, who were falsely accused of involvement in Irish Republican Army bombings; he was imprisoned for 15 years before his conviction was overturned. He and Ms. Kennedy Hill’s mother married shortly after his release in 1993, and separated in 2006.

Ms. Kennedy Hill marched in Cape Cod with her mother in March 2018 as part of a nationwide protest against gun violence, according to The Barnstable Patriot.

The Kennedy compound on Cape Cod is the storied summer residence of one of America’s most enduring political dynasties. It consists of three white clapboard houses on six acres of waterfront property along Nantucket Sound and was originally the home of Joseph P. Kennedy, the patriarch of the Kennedy clan.

The compound was a base of operations for the presidential campaign of his son John F. Kennedy in 1960, and later served as a summer White House. Senator Edward M. Kennedy kept the home as his primary Massachusetts residence for several decades until his death in 2009.

In 2012, the Kennedy family donated the main house to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate.

The death adds to a litany of tragedies that have befallen the Kennedys and taken on the grim aura of a family curse. President Kennedy and Senator Robert F. Kennedy were both slain by assassins. Their brother Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. was killed in World War II, and their sister Kathleen Cavendish died in a plane crash in 1948. The president’s son, John F. Kennedy Jr., was killed in 1999 when the airplane he was flying crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off Martha’s Vineyard; his wife and sister-in-law were on board and were also killed.

Several other Kennedys have died young or in accidents, including Ms. Kennedy Hill’s uncle David Anthony Kennedy, who struggled with alcohol and drug addiction and was found dead in 1984 in a hotel in Palm Beach, Fla. Thirty years later, when Ms. Kennedy Hill was 16, she wrote in a message to her uncle that she posted online: “You were a kind, gentle spirit that went through unimaginable struggles in your life. It saddens me to know that we will never meet in this world, but I know I will see you up in heaven with my grandfather, Uncle Michael, and other family members.”

Last month marked the 50th anniversary of Chappaquiddick, another Kennedy family tragedy that took place when Edward Kennedy drove off a bridge on a small island next to Martha’s Vineyard. The accident killed Mary Jo Kopechne, the 28-year-old passenger in Mr. Kennedy’s car.

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Call for JFK bust to be returned to its original location


                                        Then                                          Now 

JFK bust funded by Sunday Telegraph readers “spirited away” following vandalism, charity claims. 

Across the pond a bust of President Kennedy created by funds from readers of The Daily Telegraph was removed from its original location after it was vandalized.  That was in 2017.  Now a charity organization, The Royal Fine Arts Commission is calling for it to be returned to its original location on Marylebone Road.  

The bust was placed nearby after restoration in the International Student House.  

I would hope it could be returned to its original location with some new security arrangements made by hiring some students to look after the statue.  This seems like a perfect solution.  Funds could be raised from readers of The Daily Telegraph, and The International Student House, and The Royal Fine Arts Commission to accomplish this.  This would restore not only the statue but the honor and reputation of the community which was also attacked when the bust was vandalized.  London is a great city and the people of England were most kind to the Kennedy family in the wake of the assassination of President Kennedy.  I am grateful that there is still a love for JFK and the Kennedy family across the U.K.   

I will keep people updated on this story.  

Below an image from when RFK and Ted Kennedy unveiled the statue.