Sunday, May 13, 2018

Greg Parker and an interesting document regarding LHO and the TSBD

Alan Dale made a post on Facebook giving some information from Greg Parker's book. In it it mentioned that Oswald was taken off the "Flash" listing of people the FBI considered dangerous individuals that they would pass onto the Secret Service when the President travelled.  Oswald was taken off this listing on October 9th.

Then Bart Kamp posted a document from the October document dump, DOCID 32313130.pdf

I pointed out that this is a three page FBI document.  Its RIF # is 124-10326-10058.  This document is not available on the Mary Ferrell Foundation website by it's RIF number.

It is written by E.T. Turner to J. H. Gale, with a copy going to Sullivan, Brannigan, and Turner.

So, who was FBI agent E.T. Turner?

Turner writes how he was overwhelmed with work and that's why did not review a file on Oswald between 10/10/63 and 11/22/63.  Turner writes he was busy with the Jack Edward Dunlap case.

But, the important thing that everyone on Facebook seemed not to notice is that page two of the document is missing.  The cover page, or first page of the original FBI document is there.

But, the text on page 3 starts in mid sentence.  And the paragraph at the bottom of the first page has a full and complete sentence with a period at the end.  So, page 3 is continuing some thought from a missing page two.  

Another document dump in April

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging lately.  I've been using Facebook ( and its been using me, and all of its users to sell us to advertisers making Zuckerberg a multibillionaire.  And I don't think he pays ant taxes either. But that's another story.) and Twitter.

So, all of the 2017 releases and the April 2018 release are here.  It's quite a lot of material.  And it takes a lot of time to properly analyze it.

Beware of internet idiots claiming this and that from these documents, especially if they do to provide    a RIF number or some document identifier.  All of the documents in these releases have been scanned and are in .pdf format.

However, everything released by the JFK Act and the ARRB since 1993 has not been scanned and made available in .pdf format.  The Mary Ferrell Foundation has many JFK documents scanned in .pdf format.  I strongly suggest you join it.

You have to have spent many years in reading the material of the several, federal investigations plus the work of a legion of private citizens over the past 50 years to be knowledgeable enough to know what the document really says and why it's important.    

I'm going through the material.  

Friday, March 16, 2018

Michael Paine dies

See -

Michael Paine of Sebastopol was a civil libertarian and retired aeronautical engineer who, while living outside of Dallas in 1963, engaged in occasional political discussions with a self-identified Marxist named Lee Harvey Oswald.
When Paine heard of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, he thought immediately of Oswald “but dismissed him because I didn’t think he was that irrational,” Paine later told an interviewer.
In testimony before the Warren Commission, created to investigate the assassination of JFK, Paine said he did not regard Oswald as someone likely to kill a president.
“I saw he was a bitter person … very little charity in his view toward anybody, but I thought he was harmless,” he told the commission.
Through much of the 55 years since JFK’s murder, some conspiracy narratives have alleged that both Paine and his former wife, Santa Rosa resident Ruth Paine, were CIA operatives and framed Oswald.
Both rejected the scenario as ridiculous, declaring that their observations and knowledge of Oswald persuaded them that the killing of Kennedy was the work of him alone.
Michael Paine told an interviewer not long after the shooting, “I think it’s a lone wolf thing. The opportunity presented itself to him and he probably wanted to make a mark on society.”
Paine died March 1 in Sebastopol, where he had lived with or near his son the past 14 years. He was 89.
He was born in New York City on June 25, 1928, to architect and left-wing activist G. Lyman Paine and Ruth Forbes Young, founder of the International Peace Academy.
Michael Paine studied at Harvard and Swarthmore and was living in Pennsylvania when, in 1957, he married Ruth Avery Hyde. Two years later, Michael Paine took a job with Bell Helicopter that required a relocation to Texas.
The couple settled in Irving, a suburb of Dallas. They had two children, Tamarin and Chris, when they separated amicably in the fall of 1962, then continued to spend time together as a family.
The children lived with Ruth Paine, a Quaker who has said she studied the Russian language in order to counter Cold War tensions by seeking out dialogue with Russian people.
In February 1963, she heard of a Russian woman who spoke no English, having recently moved to the U.S. with her young daughter and her husband, Lee Harvey Oswald. Ruth, now a retired teacher and school counselor living in Rincon Valley, has said she liked the idea of having someone with whom to practice her Russian. 
So she reached out to the Oswalds. She invited her ex-husband, too, when she had 21-year-old Marina and Lee Oswald, 23, and baby June over for dinner. Ruth and Marina became friends.
That friendship on occasion brought Michael Paine and Lee Oswald together, and three or four times they engaged in political discussions. Paine, a liberal and longtime member of the American Civil Liberties Union, would later describe Oswald as a “pipsqueak,” but one whose politics he tried to understand.
“He told me he became a Marxist in this country by reading books and without having ever having met a communist,” Paine said in an interview following the assassination.
“With me he spoke very freely and he complained that with other people he couldn’t … they wouldn’t talk about political subjects. He would talk about nothing else.”
In interviews and in testimony before the Warren Commission, Paine described Oswald as a lonely man who seemed to like very few people. But in their conversations Oswald never revealed hostility toward Kennedy.
“I expressed my appreciation of President Kennedy and he didn’t ever argue with me on that point,” Paine said in an interview.
In a 2013 essay he titled, “My Experience with Lee Harvey Oswald,” Paine recalled that Oswald once declared emphatically that “change only comes through violence.”
“I’d also heard him say that President Kennedy was the best president he had in his lifetime. Looking back on what happened, these two statements seem impossibly contradictory … how could a man want to kill a president whom he thought was the best president he’d had in his lifetime?”
Though Michael Paine remained no more than an acquaintance to the Oswalds, Ruth took Marina Oswald under her wing and tried to be helpful to her struggling family.
Ruth, who became a key witness to the Warren Commission, has said she was hoping to bring a degree of stability to the Oswalds when, in the fall of 1963, she told Lee Oswald about a job opening she’d heard of — at the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas.
Oswald was hired. He rented a room near the job. In late September, Marina accepted an invitation by Ruth to live with her and her children in Irving, about a 20-minute drive from Dallas.
Ruth Paine allowed the Oswalds to store most of their belongings in her garage. For weeks while working at the book depository, Lee Oswald, who had no car or drivers license, hitched a ride to Ruth’s house after work on Fridays, then spent the weekend there with his family.
It surprised Ruth Paine when Oswald appeared at her home unannounced on a Thursday — Nov. 21, 1963. Later that night, she walked into the garage and found the light was on, causing her to wonder who’d been in there.
When she arose the next morning, Lee Oswald was already up and gone. He’d left a coffee cup in the kitchen sink.
At 12:30 that afternoon, gunshots killed JFK as he sat beside his wife, Jacqueline, in the back of a Lincoln Continental convertible just after the presidential motorcade passed by the book depository.
It would soon dawn on the Paines that Lee Harvey Oswald had hidden his scoped, bolt-action rifle in Ruth’s garage.
In the 9,400-word “My Experience with Lee Harvey Oswald,” Michael Paine wrote that he believed the assassin acted alone and decided only shortly before Nov. 22, 1963, to do something that would make himself infamous.
“The nation would remember him as the one who had shot the president of the strongest capitalist nation of the world,” Paine wrote. “He wanted to be important — not inconsequential. He would be in the history books now, and that is what he wanted.”
Both of the Paines testified before the Warren Commission in 1964, Ruth more extensively because of her nearly yearlong friendship with Marina Oswald and her many encounters with Marina’s controlling husband.
In time, the Paines both left Texas. Michael Paine lived and worked in Concord, Massachusetts, and was active in coastal conservation and supported Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. He moved to Sonoma County in 2004.
He and his son, Chris Panym, founded near Sebastopol a “multi-household, multi-age, multi-enterprise community” they called Green Valley Village. They were unable to bring it to fruition.
Chris Panym said that as his father approached aged 90 he lost his memory but all his life was committed to championing the environment and civil liberty.
In addition to his son in Sebastopol and his former wife in Santa Rosa, Paine is survived by his daughter, Tamarin Laurel-Paine of Middlefield, Massachusetts.
There will be a memorial service at 1 p.m. on April 14 in the library at Friends House in Rincon Valley. Panym asks people interested in attending to RSVP to him at 707-861-1169. 
Editor’s note: This version of the story corrects an error on the make of the car in which the Kennedy’s rode in Dallas.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


From Secrecy News:

The National Archives said last week that it will gather tens of millions of pages of classified historical records from Presidential Libraries around the country and will bring them to Washington, DC for declassification review.

"We are making this change to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the safeguarding and the declassification of this material and in light of resource challenges," said NARA chief operating officer William J. Bosanko. "Researchers are expected to benefit from efficiencies we can gain in the declassification process."

"It is important to stress that this change in physical location of the records is temporary and that the records will be returned to the Presidential Libraries as they are declassified," he wrote in 
a March 1 message.

Is it really necessary to physically move the records to DC in order to declassify them? Isn't there at least a subset of classified records at presidential libraries that could be readily declassified on site?

"My personal opinion is yes (although the size of the subset changes greatly from Library to Library)," replied Mr. Bosanko by email today.  "However, this comes back to age-old issues around declassification authority and third-agency referrals.  With the policies that are in place, in a practical sense, the answer is no (and, the status quo has not realized the sort of declassification I think is at the heart of your question).  And, bringing them here makes it much easier to address long-standing challenges such as certain topics that cut across more than one Administration."

There are approximately 75 million pages of classified records at presidential libraries that will be affected by the move, Mr. Bosanko said. Duplicate copies will not be kept at the libraries during the declassification review.

"We are just starting the planning process and many details must still be worked out," 
he wrote.

So, I asked Mr. Steven Aftergood if there is a list of exactly what is being delivered to D.C. and when.  He didn't know.  

Sunday, November 5, 2017

And there is another mass shooting. But, we can solve this problem.

This is a problem we can solve.  This madness is not freedom.  As JFK once said, "Our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by man.  And man can be as big as he wants.  No problem is of human destiny is beyond human beings."

We can solve this problem.

Now is the time to talk about this.  Now is the time to do something about this. 

But, we need to come together, be united as a people, and solve this.  

We cannot let this go on.  This is not something we need to live with.  This is not freedom, it's chaos.  It is failure.

The NRA needs to be spanked.  The gun loving culture needs to be spanked.

If a child with a stick went around hitting people and poking them with the stick, someone would take away the stick.

The second amendment cannot be allowed to be a religion.  

Taxation would be a great way to attack the guns.  Taxation would be a great way to attack the bullets.  Chris Rock once joked that a bullet should cost five thousand dollars.  That's not a bad plan when faced with this madness. 

Odd GRUNGE video

Odd video on  There are several odd things in this video, aside from the obvious fact that the close captioning deviates from what is actually spoken.

Okay folks what the hell, and where the hell is this:

And then there's this brand new claim, that the running boards on the back of JFK's limousine were "retracted."

What is this, what is this color film?  Is this a press conference at Parkland? If so, who is speaking and when did this happen?

Nov 3rd Document Dump

I hope you've all heard that NARA released more documents on November 3rd.

Go here for information

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a "get them all in one click" option for the Nov 3rd release.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Trump will not stop release of JFK assassination documents

Also see - "Trump Authorizes Release of JFK Assassination Documents despite concerns from federal agencies."

And look who gets quoted Roger Stone.  He'll build a fence just so he can straddle both sides of one.  

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Possible online release of JFK assassination records imminent, however, Trump may withhold some

According to the JFK Act everything is supposed to be releases by the end of this month.  In fact, some postponed in full document have a release date before Oct 31st.

Jefferson Morley has an article out in which it is feared some intelligence agencies have appealed to the President to withhold some of their documents.

This is a must read, and deeply disturbing, if true. I'm bothered that I don't really see anything officially from NARA about anything Morley mentions.

An attempt to continue to withhold documents is not totally unexpected, but troubling to hear that Trump may be willing to do so.  I for one was hoping that this imbecile would stay the hell out of the issue altogether.

Also troubling is that NARA is planning to make another ONLINE release this month.  God only knows when they're going to do this, how much they plan to release online, exactly how they're going to do this, and how many of the documents will be so totally illegible that it's pointless for them to have even done so with such documents.  One wonder if the originals ( which probably aren't original anything, but horrible 1960's and '70's era photocopies many, many generations removed from their original source ) or if the scanning was done at such a low-resolution and in a .pdf format solely to get as much as possible scanned and available to the public by a certain deadline.  I'm almost hoping that is the case because then one could go back and rescan in .tiff ( uncompresses ) and in color to perhaps regain some legibility to some documents.

I plan to be at Archives II the week of Oct 23rd to the 27th.  I suspect making a massive online presence with released material is being done to reduce the number of general members of the public and possible media from descending upon them this month.  I do hope to see some JFK researchers there.  And if they release material online I'm sure we'll all be eager to receive it.

Stay tuned.