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NARA to sell 3-D printed copies of the bullets used to kill JFK. And CAPA approves!

This is just so disgusting.  They are going to offer 6 bullets.  Yes, 6.  No, they are not saying 6 bullets hit JFK.  Try to follow the stupidity of this.  This set of 6 includes:

2 that hit JFK.  They use the word "pierce" as if the whole murder wasn't gory enough as it is. 

1 that they are calling "the stretcher bullet." They are also calling this "The Connally bullet."

2 bullets fired from the gun recovered from the crime scene to test its general handling and ballistic properties.

1 from the alleged attempt to kill General Walker.

Did you get all that? This is so fucked up.  First of all, the Warren Commission claimed only 3 shots were fired at JFK's motorcade.  One shot missed and struck a curb near James Teague on Main Street down near the triple underpass causing curb and / or bullet fragments to nick his face causing his cheek to bleed.

So, this left only 2 shots to do all the wounding and killing.  One shot clearly hit JFK and JFK alone in the head killing him. This left 1 shot to inflict all of the non-fatal wounds in JFK and Governor Connally.  This bullet because of its impossible trajectory and near pristine condition was called the "magic bullet." 

JFK was only hit by 2 shots according to the Warren Commision's version.  One was the fatal head shot, and the other the "magic bullet." 

These idiots don't comprehend that "the stretcher bullet" or "the Connally bullet" is "the magic bullet,"also known as commission exhibit #399 and is one of the two that hit JFK.  If they did then their set of 6 would be a set of 5.  

Then we have the problem of these test fired bullets.  Which test firing are they talking about? When was this test? Who did this test? Was this done by the FBI? Or the Edgewood Army arsenal tests? Test fired during the time of the HSCA? There have been several test firings in the history of this case.  

One such test firing was done not to test "the general handling and ballistic properties" of the 6.5mm Italian Mannlicher carcano rifle, the make and model they eventually settled on as being "the" rifle, but to test if they could produce a bullet that would appear as near pristine as the "magic bullet" after striking a rib and wrist.  They never could.  

Here is figure A-14 from page 35 of the Warren Commission report.  The Warren Commission had the Defense Department test fire the rifle at the U.S. Army's Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland.  Every bullet that hit bone was deformed.  Even one fired into a gelatin block showed more deformity than CE399.

CE 572 - test bullets fired by the FBI in the CE 139 rifle 
CE 853 - is a bullet fired through the rib of a goat
CE 856 - is a bullet fired through a wrist

The government does not offer an image of a test fired bullet that went through a human rib and a wrist that looks anything like CE 399. 

The original bullet recovered from the shooting at General Walker's home was steel jacketed, and not copper jacketed. It was of "undetermined" calibre, though referred to as 30.06 in calibre by The Dallas Police in the press at the time. This is explained on p.40 of Warren Commission 18, CE #2001.  This is the Dallas Police Department case file on the Walker shooting.  The crime remained unsolved until the government stole it and used it to demonstrate that Oswald had a history of shooting at people. It was also used to claim that he was apolitical in who he directed his violence to as Walker was extreme Right-wing and JFK was Liberal.  So, therefore the assassination was not a political crime

After the assassination of JFK the real Walker bullet disappears and is replaced with a 6.5mm bullet, CE 573.  It is a complete fiction.  Walker himself said that CE 573 was not the bullet recovered from his home.  

To add further insult to the this injury guess who supports this absurdity? Yes, you guessed it CAPA, the Coalition Against Political Assassinations. ( As if there was a coalition for it. ) CAPA is the new name of the former COPA, the Coalition on Political Assassinations.  As I was writing this article and spreading the word about how disgusted I was with it I got an email response from Larry Schnapf, the new idiot spokesman for CAPA.  You might have seen him involved with the horrendous farce of a mock trial CAPA was so gung ho for that was held in a Texas law school that resulted in a hung year in 2017.    

Larry has obviously never heard of the 50 plus years of research done by private citizens on this and many other issues into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, nor has he ever heard of photography.  We've already done this work, Larry, you jackass! And we did it without selling crass plastic versions of bullets to make our points, Larry. 

I'm just stunned that CAPA could allow itself to be this disgusting and self-defeating.  

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Whackos on Social Media still try to attack JFK withdrawing from Vietnam

For anyone to argue against the work of John M. Newman and his work, "JFK & Vietnam," and its central thesis that, yes, JFK was withdrawing from Vietnam is just an absolute lunatic. John Newman has declassified more documents on this than were in the Pentagon Papers. We also have these works embracing and expanding upon Newman's work: 
Gordon Goldstein – Lessons in Disaster
James Blight – Virtual JFK
David Kaiser – American Tragedy: Kennedy, Johnson, and the Origins of the Vietnam War, 
Howard Jones – Death of a Generation
James Douglas – JFK and The Unspeakable. 

To offer as a counter argument a link to RFK's oral histories as though this is scholarship is ridiculous. 

To claim that none of these authors used any primary materials and that all of them are just making things up shows the stupidity of the counter argument. Just block these people. 

Facts don't matter to these idiots. 

The primary materials these authors used many of which are housed at or donated to the JFK Library, were still classified when RFK was killed. 

Daniel Ellsberg and the whole saga of the Pentagon Papers happened after RFK was killed. Should all of this history, all of the declassification, and all scholarship be null and void because it didn't happen prior to RFK's assassination? 

Of course not. BLOCK THESE IDIOTS!

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Ruth Paine is out smearing LHO, again.

Ruth Paine is at the Texas Theater today, Sept 22, 2019, to prop up the Warren Commission.

(Note misspelling of name in second sentence of the caption.)

Ruth Hyde Paine is excited to be flying for the first time from Santa Rosa to Dallas.
Not having to get herself to the Oakland Airport or SFO will simplify the trip the 87-year-old will take Friday to a place that’s been painful for her since Nov. 22, 1963.
You may recall that the resident of Santa Rosa’s Friends House retirement community has an extraordinary linkage to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
As a young mother and Quaker living in the Dallas suburb of Irving, she befriended a Russian-speaking newcomer to America named Marina Nikolayevna Oswald. The immigrant’s husband was Lee Harvey Oswald.
It was Ruth Paine who told Lee Oswald of a seasonal job opening she’d heard of at the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas. Paine took Oswald’s wife and two children into her home, and she put up with having Oswald stay there each weekend and then return to his job and boarding-house room in Dallas.

“I didn’t want him to be there all the time,” she told me as she prepared for her journey back to Dallas, “but I did say he could come on weekends to see his wife and children.”
Oswald carpooled to Paine’s home in Irving after work each Friday. But he appeared unannounced on Thursday, Nov. 21, 1963 and secretly removed something from Paine’s garage before returning to Dallas 

Paine counts as the shock of her life the moment she learned that Oswald had hidden in her garage the rifle he used at 12:30  p.m. on Nov 22 to shoot the president from a window on the book storehouse’s sixth floor.
On Sunday, Paine will be at Dallas’ landmark Texas Theatre, where Audie Murphy’s “War Is Hell” was showing when Oswald ducked in after he killed Kennedy and then Dallas policeman J.D. Tippit. As police rushed Oswald inside the historic theater, he raised the pistol he’d removed from his boarding room but failed to get off a shot.
PAINE IS SET to be at the Texas Theatre at 6 p.m. Sunday for the premiere of a documentary, “Truth is the Only Client: The Official Investigation of the Murder of John F. Kennedy.”

The film focuses on surviving attorney/investigators for the Warren Commission, which conducted a yearlong probe into the shooting. It found that Oswald killed JFK and he acted alone, a conclusion since disputed by a whole array of alternate and conspiracy scenarios.
Also featured in the documentary are surviving witnesses to the Warren Commission. Ruth Paine’s testimony was key to the inquiry.
She’s scheduled to answer questions at the theater alongside former Warren Commission attorneys Howard Willens, Burt Griffin and David Slawson, and also Bernie Weismann, who placed in the Dallas Morning News on the morning of the assassination a John Birch Society-affiliated ad critical of Kennedy.
THE DAY BEFORE the showing and panel discussion in Dallas, Ruth Paine will be back in her former hometown of Irving, a suburb of Dallas, on Saturday afternoon. In a talk at the Irving public library, she’ll recount her friendship with Marina Oswald, and how they spoke Russian together, and all that happened to persuade her that Lee Harvey Oswald decided shortly before JFK’s visit to Dallas that he wanted to retrieve his Italian Mannlicher-Carcano rifle from her garage.

If time allows, she may visit her former home, now the city of Irving’s Ruth Paine House. A museum, it carries visitors back to the morning that Lee Harvey Oswald arose early and carried from the garage a long, narrow package that he told his ride-share buddy contained curtain rods.

GIVEN THE CHANCE, Paine would ask this of everyone who doubts that Oswald killed President Kennedy, or that he acted alone:

What do you make of the murder attempt in Dallas seven months earlier on former Army Major Gen. Edwin “Ted” Walker?
A decorated combat veteran and ardent conservative, Walker was seated at his desk the night of April 10, 1963, when a bullet pierced a window and passed within about an inch of his head.
The attempt on Walker’s life went unsolved until after the Kennedy assassination and the arrest and murder, by Jack Ruby, of Lee Harvey Oswald.
An investigation concluded that it was Oswald who’d fired at Walker. The evidence included a bombshell involving Ruth Paine. She had at her home in Irving a book left behind by Marina Oswald, who never returned to the house after Nov. 22, 1963. Thinking that Marina Oswald might like to have the book, Paine asked a police officer to take it to her.
A short while later, Paine had company.
“The Secret Service came and showed me this note,” she recalled. The agents wanted to know why she sent it to Marina Oswald.
She told them she’d never seen the note and didn’t know it was inside the book she’d sent to her friend.
Paine agrees with the subsequent conclusion by investigators that it was a note that Lee Harvey Oswald left for his wife before he’d gone off to try to kill Ted Walker. The note instructed Marina Oswald on what to do if Lee Oswald did not return from his mission.
For the past 56 years, Paine has contended that the note proves that the killing of JFK was not Oswald’s first attempt at high-profile murder. For the Santa Rosan, the note dissolves any doubt that Oswald was a lone assassin in search of prey.
“He wanted to kill somebody,” she told me, “and he saw an opportunity.”
PAINE IS HERSELF the subject of allegations of conspiracy. There is a line of thought that in 1963 she was a CIA operative who set up Lee Harvey Oswald.
She dismisses the accusations as not only false but ridiculous.
Interviews and public appearances that take her back to Kennedy’s murder are not pleasing to her. “There’s a lot of grief in it,” she said.
She has said she hasn’t excused herself from the issue but continues to argue her view because she says there’s so much false information that she feels obligated to help to dismiss.
Fundamentally, to return to Dallas and Irving is not what she regards as a good time. But as the trip approached, she was looking forward to starting off at Sonoma County’s airport.

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Sunday, September 15, 2019

My reactions to Bpete on the Ochelli Effect show "Awaken When September Ends," Sept. 12, 2019

"Awaken When September Ends," Sept. 12, 2019. 

I think Bpete has conflated Gen. Mattis with Gen. Michael Flynn at about 24:28. Flynn was briefly Trump's National Security Advisor, a position he held for less than a month. Flynn was compromised by Russians. Acting Attorney General Sally Yates warned Trump about this and Trump did noting about it for weeks. Flynn was also an unregistered agent for the Turkish government. Trump finally fired Flynn on Feb 13, 2017 for allegedly lying to VP Pence. Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI. Flynn is a traitor who will do anything for money. Mattis was Trump's Secretary of Defense. Mattis got fed up with Trump and wrote a resignation letter on Dec 20th, 2108 that criticized Trump. It ended with Mattis saying he would resign on Feb 28th. Trump declared, no, Mattis you're fired as of Jan 1, 2019. Mattis never pled guilty to anything. Mattis was never charged with any crime that I know of. Flynn's sentencing has been delayed while he corroborated with Robert Mueller and the FBI. When Flynn wanted to be sentenced the judge gave him several overt hints that he really doesn't want to be sentenced today, go and corroborate some more. A year later Flynn has fired his legal team and he's hired a Fox News conspiracy theorist, Sidney Powell, who thinks the whole case against Flynn is just "deep state" fake news crap. She thinks the entire Mueller investigation is just "deep state" fake news crap too. She's full of it. 

He also believes Biden colluded with the Russians. This is BS. This is part of a thing where Rudy Gulianni was going to go to the Ukraine to find dirt on Biden.  

Hard right-wing guys think the whole Trump-Russia thing is an invention, a lie, created by U.S. intelligence people. They think former head of DNI, James Clapper and former CIA director John Brennan made it all up. Clapper and Brennan are demonized on right-wing media 24/7. It's total BS. 

Clapper was caught up in the NSA scandal where it was proven by Ed Snowden that, yes, the NSA had collected data on hundreds of millions of Americans. And America realized that, yes, we're really living in a police state. There is constant surveillance on everything and everyone.  So, of course Trump's constant use of an insecure cell phone which he used to communicate with Russians got turned into the lie that Obama was spying on Trump. Trump is an idiot. The NSA was doing its job. It's supposed to listen in on communications with Russians. Only Trump is stupid enough to believe no one was listening to his calls to Russians.  Trump has apparently never heard of the Cold War.  

Bpete wants to transfer George W. Bush's green lighting of torture onto Brennan and Clapper. 

OMG, Bpete doesn't think Trump colluded with Russia at all!  Instead he thinks the Democrats did. Yeah, Hillary colluded with Russia to ensure her defeat to Trump. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. He buys the false narrative that Mueller found nothing. Not True. ( Don't forget William Barr lied about its conclusions and prevented the release of the Mueller report for 3 weeks. )  And that the Steele dossier was funded by Hillary Clinton. NO, the Steele dossier was opposition research on Trump created for Sen. Ted Cruz during the Republican primaries. Hillary bought it AFTER the primaries were over. All Trumpanzees lie about the Steele dossier chronology. They all delete its true creation and affiliation with Ted Cruz.  

UGHHH! The Democrats played George Papadopoulos? Georgie-boy got drunk in a London bar in May of 2016 and blabbed to an Australian diplomat, Alexander Downer, that Russians had Hillary's emails. Downer warns the U.S. authorities. The FBI opens a counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign as a result of Downer's information on July 31, 2016.  We have yet to see anything from this investigation.  

But to Bpete it's all the Democrats, they're the evil ones, why isn't anyone investigating them? And why won't they change Trump's diaper? 

Ochelli doesn't go along with Bpete's crap.  

They didn't get Cohen? That's news to him. He's in prison right now.  

"I'm not a fan of Trump."  You're certainly an apologist and defender of him. 

Umm, Bpete, ever hear of the governors from New York who won the presidency? Hint, there were four, two were named Roosevelt. 

17 former governors became presidents.  

James Monroe - Virginia
Martin Van Buren - New York
William Harry Harrison - Indiana territory
John Tyler - Virginia
James K Polk - Tennesse
Andrew Johnson - Tennesse
Rutherford B Hayes - Ohio
Grover Cleveland - New York
Theodore Roosevelt - New York
William Howard Taft - provisional governor of Cuba, Governor General of the Philippines. 
Woodrow Wilson - New Jersey
Calvin Coolidge - Massachusetts
FDR - New York
Jimmy Carter - Georgia
Ronald Reagan - California. Can't believe Bpete forgot Reagan.
Bill Clinton - Arkansas
George W. Bush - Texas

Fetzer found in contempt of court. His troubles are only beginning

Fetzer is fooked.    

Fetzer was ordered to keep a May 28th videotaped interview of Leonard Pozner confidential.  He agreed to do this in court. And then promptly didn't.  In a Ralph Cinque like move he thought he could prove it wasn't Leonard Pozner in the videotaped deposition.

Now he has to pay $7,000 or the amount of time Pozner's lawyer spent bringing the contempt action by the morning of October 14th when the jury trial begins to see how much more Fetzer will have to pay in compensation for defaming Pozner.  And Chris Rickert, author of the article in the Wisconsin State Journal writes, quoting Judge Frank Remington, if Fetzer doesn't bring the $7,000 grand, "bring your toothbrush because you'll be going to the Dade County jail."

[This is from the Wisconsin State Journal. So, WSJ is not the Wall Street Journal, okay?]

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Another video find. This supports Doug Horne's story

When AF1 lands at Andrews Air Force base reporters are heard talking.  In this video from NBC's coverage we hear a male voice comment "A helicopter is standing by near the presidential jet to take the coffin away."  This occurs at about 2:50 into this video.  How does this reporter know this? Why did he say this? What or who was his source for this information?

Doug Horne researched this helicopter.  A helicopter was sent to Andrews to take the casket to Bethesda.  But, the pilot of this helicopter saw the bronze casket taken into a grey Naval ambulance.  Jackie and RFK went in this ambulance.  So, thinking something changed, he cannot now take the coffin anywhere. So, he flies back to Quantico.

But, hold on a minute.  If we accept that the bronze ceremonial casket is empty when it arrives with Jackie and RFK at Bethesda, we know this is true because of the stories told by Jerrol Custer and Dennis David.  They have already examined JFK's corpse and are caring photographs and X-rays when they see Jackie and RFK arriving, so it cannot also be in the bronze ceremonial casket.  So, since Jackie and RFK came straight from Andrews then the casket was empty when it was placed in the ambulance at Andrews.

So, the question is when was JFK's body taken out of the bronze casket? Both Lifton and Horne believe JFK was in the bronze casket when it was placed aboard Air Force One ( AF1) at Love Field airport in Dallas and was taken out of it while onboard AF1.

What if it wasn't?  What if JFK was already taken out of the bronze casket before it was placed aboard AF1 at Love Field?

I think it's unlikely that JFK's body was taken out of the bronze casket whilst onboard AF1 before it left Love Field.

I think it's entirely possible it was not in the bronze casket when it was place aboard AF1 at Love Field.  There is a great deal of unexplained delays before AF1 leaves Love Field.  William Manchester records that passengers were told to close the blinds on the windows.  The engines were turned on but not the air conditioning.  Luggage from Lyndon's VP jet Air Force 2 was moved over to Lyndon's new plane AF1 to the disbelief and consternation of the Kennedy entourage.  Could JFK have been taken out of the bronze casket at some time, some point in the several strange delays before AF1 left Love Field?  Could JFK's body have really been placed aboard AF2? AF2 also left Love Field and flew to Andrews. Very little is known about AF2's flight to and arrival at Andrews. Remember, Charles Collingwood stated on CBS "that JFK's body came up on another plane." If so, that "other plane" was AF2.

So, continuing with this train of thought I think the helicopter meant to take JFK's casket to Bethesda given the call sign "Nighthawk One" might have been in a cheap shipping casket aboard AF2.  When it lands at Andrews it is supposed to meet up with the Nighthawk One helicopter.  But, this pilot doesn't know JFK isn't in the bronze casket.  So, when he sees "the casket" ( why would he think there would be two?) go into the Navy ambulance he thinks something got changed, he cannot comply with his orders so he leaves Andrews.  If my thesis is correct then someone has to get another helicopter to take a casket to Bethesda.  I think they succeeded in doing this.  A helicopter is the only way JFK's body could have gotten to Bethesda ahead of the ambulance with the empty bronze casket.
Exactly how this happened is as yet unknown.


My thoughts on body alteration.

At one time as a JFK researcher I may have held the view that JFK's body was not altered.  I honestly don't recall when or where I said or wrote that.  I've been at this a very long time.  It has consumed me.   I've spent most of my adult life being a JFK researcher and in many ways to my own detriment. Friends and classmates have gotten married, some have children of their own now who are the age their parents were when I knew them, if not older.  They've pursued their education, married, had kids, bought homes, etc. One has died. In some ways I wonder where I would be if I didn't pursue this JFK stuff. I know my imaginary doppelgänger of myself would certainly be better off educationally, financially, professionally, and probably personally.  However, I just knew I had to get involved in this.  I am glad I did what I did.  I'm grateful I got to travel and meet the people I did. I'm grateful I've made the friends I did who also care and continue to study this case.  But, it does come at a cost.

I've changed my opinions and beliefs in some aspects of the case as new evidence or information has come in.  This case is large, immense. It calls to mind what Hercule Poirot said in Mr. Ratchett's train cabin in the film "Murder on the Orient Express, "there are too many clues in this room."  It takes a great deal of time to be conversant on the basic topics or issues in the case. And very few people do it well.  Jim DiEugenio and John Newman are some of the best presenters of JFK assassination information both old and new.  New information is coming to light from the newly declassified documents and other areas that make us rethink areas of the case. This is certainly true in the area of the medical evidence.

David Lifton's book "Best Evidence" was ground breaking.  You have to own a copy and you have to read it and comprehend what David Lifton discovered.  It is a great achievement.  Lifton found in the records of the Warren Commission an FBI document written by agents Sibert and O'Neill who were in the autopsy room in Bethesda when JFK's body was removed from a casket and placed on the autopsy table.  "The president's body was removed from the casket in which it had been transported and was placed on the autopsy table, at which time the complete body was wrapped in a sheet and the head area contained an additional wrapping which was saturated with blood.  Following the removal of the wrapping it was ascertained that the President's clothing had been removed and it was also apparent that a tracheotomy had been performed, as well as surgery of the head area, namely, in the top of the skull."  

There were several problems with this.  It's a different casket. Where did JFK's clothes go? Who took them off, where and when? And most importantly, what's this about surgery of the head area?

Best Evidence's weakness, however, is when Lifton speculates where and when the body alteration occurred.  But,  you have to understand when it was written.  This was back in 1981.  The House Select Committee on Assassinations had just finished its investigation.  We only had the HSCA Final Report and its volumes.  The HSCA gave a very different description of the wounds from what the Warren Commission described.

We now have a great deal of the HSCA's files thanks to the ARRB.  Doug Horne worked for the ARRB and was a driving force for what they did in the medical aspects of the case.  He wrote a 5 volume series on the medical aspects of the case ( Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4, Volume 5 ).  He built upon and expanded what Lifton found.

So, let me state my current beliefs. Yes, I believe the bronze ceremonial casket was empty when it arrived at Bethesda.  This is the conclusion you must come to when you hear Denis David and Jerrol Custer who worked at Bethesda.  They have examined JFK's corpse, taken photos and X-rays.  And when going from the autopsy room with X-rays and photos to develop, or having developed them and were returning to the autopsy room they see RFK and Jackie arriving from a grey Naval ambulance that supposedly has JFK's corpse still in the bronze ceremonial casket.  JFK's corpse cannot be in the bronze ceremonial casket if Custer and David have already examined it.  JFK's corpse cannot be in two places at the same time.

Yes, I do believe the body was altered.  No, I do not believe body alteration occurred at Parkland, somewhere else in or near Dallas on the way to Love Field, at Love Field, in AF1 or AF2 at Love Field or in the air on route to Andrews, or somewhere else in or near Washington, D.C.  I believe it happened at Bethesda.  It's the best place for it to happen.  The conspirators can totally control the area and its personnel and there is no time problem to do it and then get it to Bethesda.  I think Doug Horne has got it right on this.

As for my possible discovery of RFK going up some stairs and entering AF1 it's on this blog, the post is entitled "Is this RFK going up the stairs of Air Force One and into the plane as it arrived at Andrews Air Force base? "

 Unfortunately, the CBS video of this put up on that I linked to in my earlier post has since been taken down. I took some still shots from that video.  Another video shows the same scene.  At about 1:27:25 the anchor is now Harry Reasoner.  He takes over from Charles Collingwood.  Reasoner is told what they are showing is live video of AF1 arriving at Andrews Air Force base. You will hear a voice say, "It is live, live, live!"  You will see stairs being brought to the front of the plane.  I only see two men enter and one is wearing a white military hat.  I think the other man is RFK.  We know RFK went to Andrews and entered the plane this way. So, it's probably him.

Almost in the dead center of this image (below) is a man going up the stairs.  I think this is Bobby.  Yes, I know it's not a great clear image.  And, yes, I could be wrong.  But, I think it's a strong possibility it's him.

Dr. Robert McClelland dies at 89