Sunday, January 8, 2023

UGH, why do people think extreme Right-wing nutcases will help declassify JFK assassination records?

I don't understand why Jefferson Morley has high hopes extreme Right-wing nutcases like Tucker Carlson or Rep. Thomas Massie will help.  The Democrats were busy dealing with confirming Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election and the Trump mob insurrection.  They were literally attacked and had to flee the U.S. Capitol for their own safety.  And the GOP senators and congressmen and women had to flee too. The mob even wanted to kill Trump's own Vice-President chanting "Hang Mike Pence!" 

But, according to some the Democrats were just twiddling their thumbs and never were interested in a congressional oversight hearing on NARA's failure to properly declassify JFK assassination records.  

So, now the GOP has control of the House of Representatives.  And Morley posts this on Twitter:

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Rep. Thomas Massie is a scumbag.  

Morley has forgotten a few of Massie's political stunt's so I'm here to remind you.  You'll recall how he thought he could attack John Kerry and through him attack the science behind climate change because Kerry has a political science degree which to Massie wasn't a real science degree so therefore all the climate change stuff was nonsense. Do you remember that? Massie claimed, "somebody with a pseudo-science degree is pushing pseudo-science before our committee today."

But that's not the only dumb ass stunt Rep. Massie has pulled.  You recall what he did about COVID? The senate approved a bill (96-0) to deal with the COVID crisis. And Congress was set to approve it via a simple parliamentary procedure known as "by unanimous consent," which requires only 2 members of the House to be present unless someone objects, which is exactly what Massie did.  All of Congress had to come back and be physically present in the House chamber putting themselves and others at risk of COVID exposure to vote in person just to satisfy this stunt of Rep. Massie.  EVERYBODY HATED HIM, including then President Trump for doing this.  

That was not the only time Massie pulled the exact same stunt.  He didn't want a $19 billion dollar aid bill to pass by a voice vote either.  In May 2019 Massie objected to that bill designed to help states hurt by hurricanes, floods, and wildfires.   

Massie doesn't give a shit that he endangered lives by demanding people have to be physically present to vote for the bills he cares about during a pandemic.  Massie doesn't give a shit about delaying or cancelling help to his own country. For him it's all about grandstanding on an issue.  He hates the parliamentary procedural votes that get things done.  The GOP want to kill those in favor of everyone being physically present to vote.  So, everything, every bill, every measure to move a bill, vote on a bill, vote on an amendment, even to vote to adjourn will be a shit show circus just like how Rep. McCarthy became the new Speaker.  If you thought Rep. Matt Gaetz and Rep. Boebert were grandstanding during that, well, you ain't see nothing yet. Little shits like Massie, and Gaetz, and Boebert will hold the whole country hostage, each one thinking they're the star, the lead actor in their own warped version of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," when in reality it's just narcissistic bullshit.  

But, forget all that. Now Massie and others of his ilk are in power in the House and Morley thinks they're going to do the right thing and declassify the JFK records? Morley has hopes idiots like Rep. Thomas Massie and Jim Jordan will reveal the unholy truth of who killed JFK? 

Don't hold your breath.  

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