Sunday, October 11, 2009

First Thoughts on the new History Channel Show JFK 3 shots that changed the World

The methodology is straight from all those 9/11 documentaries, real footage that is cut quickly and often to a black screen, a timer for the exact minute when things happen like those rolodex kind of clocks as the number flipped forward.

Yes, there are some new film clips here, largely out takes of pieces of film not used before.  There has to be a great wealth of material that never made it into newscasts.  We asked the ARRB to go after this stuff, but they couldn't be bothered.  There is much more of the Ft. Worth breakfast, for example where the local news host, or whoever it was rambled on and on about assassination, and the previous assassinations.  There was more at Love Field where a Secret Service man flings his hands into the air in a WTF moment as what he thinks is going to be his assigned spot, namely standing on the outside running board of the presidential limo is not where he is going to be.  He's waved off.  Vince Palamara found that.  Somehow that still is not "newsworthy," for broadcast TV, or even cable TV.  Also, Wallace Milam found where someone gave Jackie a white dog, probably a little stuffed animal, or perhaps the popular puppet, Lambchop, as a gift for her children when JFK and Jackie worked the fence shaking hands at Love Field.  I believe that is from an NBC Black and White film.  So, that means that Jean Hill was correct all along when she said she saw a little white dog between JFK and Jackie.


  1. Hi Joe,

    Congrats on the great looking blog. You have a lot to offer all of us who are still interested in the conspiracy behind the assassination of JFK.

  2. My goodness Joe - it has been a long time. I am so glad to see you are still interested in the events surrounding the assassination.

    Congratulations on your very attractive blog site.

    Martha Moyer

  3. Hello Martha! Good to hear from you too, and that you're still interested in the case. Thank you for your comment. I trust you're well and doing okay. Maybe I'll see you in Dallas, if not do please keep in touch.