Monday, October 12, 2009

Ruby in the corridor of Dallas City jail

In a clip from Mark Lane's film, Rush to Jugement, there is a sequence where Jesse Curry is being interviewed in the corridor.  Just as a caption appears telling you this is J. E. Curry if you look down the corridor you will see Jack Ruby walking up, he will kind of lean into view to see what Curry is saying then he'll disappear to the right of the screen as viewed.  So, let me describe where I want you to look better.  To the far left is Jesse Curry, to the far right is, I believe an NBC reporter, Tom Pettit, between them are two other reporters, there's one on the right whose name I don't know, and another one nearer to Tom Pettit who I think may be Bob Clark of ABC news.  In the space between their heads you can see down the corridor.  Please focus on this space and you'll see Jack Ruby.  I don't think even Mark Lane knows this is in his film.

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If this doen't work go to and put in "Emile de Antonio on the Making of "Rush to Judgment" (Part 4)" which is a 2:15 clip.  Look at about 50 seconds in to it, Bob Clark asks Curry, "How would you describe his (Oswald's) mood during the questioning?" when Curry answers the question with "Very arrogant, has been all along."  It is only during the saying of those 6 words by Curry will you see Ruby. 

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