Saturday, October 10, 2009

Welcome, to my new blog.  I spent most of the 1990's devoting myself to the JFK case.  So, I'm a little slow on website computer skills.  I hope I'll be a fast learner.  I hope to incorporate photos, audio and video soon.  Maybe some of you can offer advice and or expertise? 

Some of you may know me and the work I did in covering the activities of the Assassination Record Review Board (ARRB) in the 1990's.  I will try to bring you news relating to the ongoing research into the JFK assassination with the same kind of energy I had back then.  The ARRB has sunset, but they did release a mountain of documents.  So, we will learn new things as we slowly go through these documents.

Sadly, one member of the ARRB has passed away, Dr. Kermit Hall.  He died of an apparent heart attack while swimming of the shores of South Carolina on August 13, 2006.  He's in Wikipedia! Fame at last.

When Dr. Kermit Hall came to Albany, New York as the new head of the State University of New York at Albany, or as us locals call it SUNY, (A longtime ago, back in the 1980's someone asked me if I knew where Albany State was, and I said no.  A friend piped up, 'Joe, he means SUNY.'  Oh!) it was a surprise.  I once thought I'd drop by to see him and say, "Dude, everyone older than 18 is trying to get out of Albany, NY and you came here? On purpose?" But, I never did.  The economic/job situation in the Albany area has been dismal for decades.  While here he did a lot and the SUNY people and students really liked him.

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