Monday, November 23, 2009

Back from Dallas - JFK Lancer Conference News


Well, it was a small rather intimate gathering this year.  Not one of the best conferences, but not the worst by any means.  The Adolphus Hotel had the conference in two small rooms which were around the back of the reception/registration area.  There was no sign of any JFK conference going on in the hotel at all. And it stayed that way throughout, despite JFK Lancer, and COPA being there. I arrived on Thursday night and on Friday morning I went to rooms where the conference was held in the past.  9:30 a.m. came and went and there wasn't a sign of anyone.  So, I went to reception and asked and then I found it. 

Highlights for me were hearing Abraham Bolden, again.  And Dr. Robert McClelland spoke.  He gave his personal recollections of events relating to trying to save the lives of JFK and Oswald.  I wish he had some photos as part of his presentation.  He mentioned how he only really had two suits, one from Sears, which got a laugh, and how in trying to save JFK he had no time to put on any hospital gowns and he got soaked in blood.  His wife insisted that the suit be cleaned, but he did not get his shirt cleaned.  And he brought the shirt and showed it.  It was in what I assume to be a vaccumm sealed see through plastic pouch.  That brought a hushed silence from us all. 

Best comedic moment goes to Brian Edwards and Casey Quinlan who examined the testimony given to the Warren Commission from eyewitnesses to the J.D. Tipitt killing, specifically, their descriptions of the suspect and the clothes he was wearing.  One person being questioned by David Belin kept referring to Belin as looking like the suspect.  So, Edwards and Quinlan photoshoped Belin's face onto Oswald, using he photo when Oswald is in handcuffs and in custody of the DPD walking down a hallway showing his handcuffs which some have called the Communist salute. 

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