Friday, November 13, 2009

DMN entry for dumbest article ever

David Flick writes that there's NO EVIDENCE in the DPD JFK investigation photos now available online.  He wants to write that there's no evidence supporting a conspiracy in the case in this photographic collection.  But, he can't do that because then he'd have to know something about the case.  He can't write that because then he'd have to give some comment, at least a sentence or two, or god forbid a paragraph explaining what's in the a photograph and how it relates to the case.  He can't do that at all. So, he writes a real small article peppered with quotes from (not his real name) Gary Mack.  Flick thinks he wrote that not only is there no immediately obvious photographic evidence supporting conspiracy in the assassination of JFK in these photos but these photos are not even worthy of the word evidence.  So,  that's his headline, "No Evidence..." 
But, what word does he use to describe the photo collection? Do you see it in the second sentence? "Evidence."

What a schmuck!

No Evidence in JFK police inquiry photos

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