Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dr. Jerry Rose of Fredonia, NY and The Fourth Decade journal


Does anyone know whatever happened to our friend Dr. Jerry Rose?  I heard that he had passed away some time ago.  But, then I heard at the JFK Lancer conference that in fact he's alive and retired to Florida.  I'd be delighted to hear confirmation that he's still with us.  If anyone knows, one way or the other, please email me at



  1. Dr. Rose was very dedicated to researching the jfk assination. I had the honor to go to his symposium in the early 1990's at Fredonia college, in Fredonia ny. There he brought in major speakers and authors on the subject. Even gave us great support when we went and did a follow up discussion near Fredonia, upon our return from Dallas TX symposium in 1993. I hope he's in good health, and much admiration for him, and all his efforts, and all those that participated, and did amazing work and research. All the best to each of you. Nathan Sull rn