Monday, November 16, 2009

Enter The Stupid

Book Publisher Calls for the Release of Secret JFK Assassination File

Oy.  Here we go...

Tim Miller, of I wrote President Ford's memoir, the really good bits being the stuff Pres. Ford did not remember, and especially did not remember saying to Tim Miller, calls for,...wait for it...the release of THE JFK assassination  file.  The absolutely clueless Mr. Miller held a press conference calling for the release of THE file.  This dufus thinks there is one and only one file on the assassination of JFK.  And, get this, the Kennedy family has helped block its release to the public.  Oh, would that some brave young journalist could hog tie this idiot the the back bumper of his own car and drive him over to Archives II and show him the millions and millions of pages of JFK assassination documents.  There isn't just one with all the answers you idiot! 

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