Sunday, November 8, 2009

From the Burying the Lead School of Journalism

The Editorial Review on Amazon's site says:

     President John F. Kennedy, a former naval hero and a passionate football fan, was looking forward to watching the Midshipmen take on the Cadets at the annual Army-Navy game on November 30, 1963. "I hope to be on the winning side when the game ends," he telegrammed the Navy coach on November 20. Two days later, the president was assassinated in Dallas, changing the nation forever.
    Exploring the close relationship between President Kennedy and the Navy football squad of the early 1960s, author Michael Connelly describes how the 1963 Army-Navy game---which was played on December 7 after an initial postponement---served as a welcome distraction for a nation in mourning while providing a opportunity to honor JFK's memory. Connelly ties together the historic Army-Navy rivalry with the changing political landscape of the 1960s, both at home and overseas. The President's Team delves into Kennedy's love of football and the special bond he established with many of the Navy players, including Heisman winner and former Hall of Famer Roger Staubach.

Wasn't this game originally going to happen earlier in November, like the first week of November?  And wasn't there a threat to kill JFK at this game? I think so.  Read Abraham Bolden's book, these two books dovetail nicely together. JFK's planned trip to Chicago is all but erased from history down the memory hole.

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