Monday, November 2, 2009

History Channel's Steve Gillon still hawking his book

I don't want to give this guy too much publicity.  I think he's getting enough as it is.  This time he's fascinated about exactly when LBJ took power.  Was it 1:20? 1:19? 1:18? 1:17? yawn, yawn, yawn.  1:16? 1:15 You are falling into a deep sleep, 1:14? 1:13 and you will watch the History Channel, 1:12, 1:11, even when we do shows about Canadian truck drivers, 1:10? 1:09? And you will buy the DVD's, yes, even the ones about Canadian truck drivers...hurry, or else you will be the second person in line, 1:08, 1:07?

New Details About the Transfer of Power

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