Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My "Donate to Joe" Paypal button

Dear Friends,

I am new to blogging and all this stuff so I want to say a word about money.  It costs money to go to conferences, to travel, hotel rooms, etc., and to go to the National Archives and get documents. So, as I hope I have a good reputation as a researcher and good standing in the JFK research community I have decided to offset some of these costs.  At first I thought this Adsense program for blog pages sounded attractive. But,  I'm not impressed with this program and I think I'm going to end it.

I do not know if I have even done this Paypal button properly. So, I want to ask that for those kind enough to want to make a donation to my work for the rest of this month please don't donate anything more than $1 U.S. dollar.  If I have got this right I will update the blog to reflect that and thank people.  Should you wish to donate and remain anonymous I will respect that and you will have my deep thanks. 

After the conferences in Dallas I hope to be able to go to Archives II or the JFK Library, one or the other at least bi-monthly.  There's an enormous backlog of documents I'd like to get at Archives II and the JFK Library has released some interesting things in the past couple of years. 

Thank you,


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