Monday, December 28, 2009

"Exclusive" photo of JFK on a boat with naked women is a Fraud

From USA Today:

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The celebrity gossip site got punk'd today when it fell for a photo hoax purportedly showing John F. Kennedy sunning on a yacht full of naked women.

Trumpeting an "exclusive," with the headline "The JFK Photo That Could Have Changed History," TMZ said it obtained the "never-before published photograph" that "could have altered world events." TMZ said it believed the crumpled black-and-white snapshot was taken in the mid-1950s, before Kennedy was president.

But the only thing altered was the photo, which, a "a forensic photo expert" told TMZ, "appeared to be authentic."
The Smoking Gun did a little due diligence and found that the image — featuring a naked lady jumping into the sea — appeared in the November 1967 issue of Playboy. The color photo was part of a spread headlined "Charter Yacht Party: How to Have a Ball on the Briny with an Able-Bodied Complement of Ship's Belles."

The lounging man in the photo? A paid model.

After being e-mailed about the hoax, TMZ said it called Playboy. A rep said, yep, the photo was from the 11/67 issue. TMZ then declared its exclusive a fake.
(Posted by Michael Winter)

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