Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sad News - Aubrey Rike ill, but recovering

It was with great sadness that I learned from JFK Lancer that Mr. Aubrey Rike has been in the hospital.

From JFK Lancer:

Parkland Hospital witness Aubrey Rike has been hospitalized with serious health issues but is now on the way to recovery. Sadly, Aubrey has had one of his legs removed due to infection but the doctors are very positive at this time. Aubrey is one of the most generous of the assassination witnesses, never failing to give his time at conferences and student functions throughout the year.

Aubrey and his wife Glenda would like the research community to know how much they appreciate your thoughts and prayers. They both want everyone to know how much they missed being at NID 2009 and getting to visit everyone there. You can write to Aubrey care of the Medical Center of Plano website: Patient Email and they will print out your message and bring it to his room. He will love hearing from you all.

Once Aubrey gets home and has time to get settled, I'll be taking over books for him to sign. If you'd like to have him sign a book for you, Place Your Order  through JFK Lancer and put the name for the autograph in the comment section of the form. 

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