Thursday, January 21, 2010

U.S. Supreme Court Greenlights Fascism

The Supreme Court's decision today will allow any corporation to spend as much money as it wants to in the pursuit of whatever they want.  Imagine, the banks who got Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) money can use that money to say we don't have to give any of it back. (By the way, they were given that money at zero percent interest rate to help them with these "troubled assets" and they used it instead to buy treasury bills which pay about 3% interest, and they're still not loaning anyone any money. Goldman Sachs just made $5 billion in profit, in the last three months!)  Imagine, what the insurance companies can do now.  They don't have to fund phony astro-turf idiots like these Tea Bag Party people.  They don't have to hide behind them or bought and paid politicians, like Joe Lieberman.  They won't need them because soon there will be no need to even have elections.  Now the corporation will rule from the board room.  

Supreme Court Rolls Back Campaign Finance Restrictions

Rep. Alan Grayson anticipating what the Supreme Court did today introduced 5 Acts in an attempt to stop the corporate coup. 

    1.) The Business Should Mind Its Own Business Act
    2.) The Public Company Responsibility Act
    3.) The End Political Kickbacks Act
    4.) The Corporate Propoganda Sunshine Act
    5.) The Ending Corporate Collusion Act

Join and fight back.

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