Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is It Finally Over for Gov. David Patterson? Let's Hope So!

Ugh, it's been a slow death for the Paterson administration. Over the last month he has been the subject of gossip that a New York Times article will be explosive and force him from office. Like a fool Paterson took to the airwaves, appearing on Larry King Live and other TV and radio outlets, even going to the NYT offices demanding that they print the story. Well, they printed three, the last one being really explosive.

Here's the gist of it, Paterson has an aide, David W. Johnson, who allegedly beat up his girlfriend, pretty severely, like she could have been killed, severely. (And, by the way, this guy is about 7 or 8 feet tall) She sought legal action against the aide. The New York State Police and Paterson himself got involved to get the woman in question to drop the idea of prosecuting the aide. Paterson allegedly called the woman on the phone and intimidated her. She never showed up in court to present her case.

If these allegations are true Paterson is looking at serious felonies, such as witness intimidation, and obstruction of justice, possible subornation of perjury and probably abuse of power, among others.

Paterson defiantly asked his political nemesis and the man everyone wants to wake up and find that he's their new governor, Andrew Cuomo, the current Attorney General to investigate the case.  Paterson actually wants himself investigated, and by Andrew Cuomo!   

Amazingly, Paterson acknowledged the phone call between himself and the woman, but put a bizarre spin on the call that makes no sense whatsoever. According to Paterson, the woman initiated the call, she called him to tell him she was not behind the whispering, gossip campaign of the last few weeks, that she was not talking to the media. Huh?

Experts Assail Call as Claimed Between Paterson and Aide’s Accuser

No one believes his story. His top criminal legal aide resigned in disgust.

Paterson Weighs Race as Top Aide Quits in Protest

Seeming to acknowledge how much he's in the shit Paterson says, “I’ve got an open mind about this thing. I want the Democrats to win in November.”  This is the first time he's spoken about the election without being an arrogant SOB that it's all about him and he's going to win.  

I predict that Paterson will resign by Easter.

The local Albany paper, The Times Union writes that this scandal has paralyzed the capital.  That's certainly true.  And Denise O'Donnell, a high-ranking cabinet official who oversees the State Police, announced her immediate resignation Thursday, telling Paterson in a curt letter that "recent events make it impossible for me, in good conscience, to remain a member of your administration."  WOW!

HERE'S THE LIE THAT WILL DESTROY PATTERSON - "on Thursday, he claimed he was unaware of the aborted case against Johnson -- despite his acknowledged contact with the woman."

The Rev. Al Sharpton has invited several prominent African-American elected officials to a Saturday meeting in Harlem "to assess how do we go forward and whether we can go forward with the governor," according to a person attending the meeting who requested anonymity because the gathering is still being planned. WOW!

What is next for Paterson?

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