Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NY Gov. David Paterson is getting a dose of his own medicine

Quite recently New York governor David Paterson employed a former Bushie to initiate a gossipy, rumor mongering, dirt throwing, sleazy PR campaign to attack the character of Caroline Kennedy.

And now someone is returning the favor.  Rumors are flying hard and fast across the state that there is some kind of major scandal that will soon hit the press that will ruin him and force him from office.

Paterson, on Monday lashed back at what he called a "callous and sleazy" assault on his character in statehouse rumors and media reports that include accusations about womanizing and drug use, allegations he flatly denied.  Paterson "... told The Associated Press that the media and New York politics have hit new lows," and he should know a thing or two about new lows. 

Well, cry me a river.  Whoever is doing this, please keep at it!

Paterson Denial: Rumors 'Callous And Sleazy' According To New York Governor

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