Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Virginian Pilot article on Winston Lawson

Do you remember where you were? He does: With JFK

Items of interest from the article, ask yourself, does all this mesh with the official history? 

1.) "Lawson, now 81 and living in Virginia Beach, is going back to Dallas this week for a reunion with Secret Service colleagues."

2.) On Lawson's background -  "An Army intelligence specialist, he joined the Secret Service in 1959, working in its Syracuse, N.Y., office until being transferred to Washington in March 1961, two months after Kennedy was sworn in as president."

3.) Dallas trip timeline.   - "On Nov. 4, Lawson was told that he would be responsible for the Dallas stopover during Kennedy's trip to Texas. Kennedy wanted to boost his political standing in the state, home of Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson."

4.) Repeating the lie for why the bubble top was not on the limousine - "Early on Nov. 22, the Dallas weather was drizzly, and as agents awaited the president's plane, they considered placing a clear plastic cover, or bubble, over the limousine. A Kennedy aide told the Secret Service to leave it off - the White House staff wanted as many people as possible to see the president without obstruction." Those unnamed Kennedy aides are so convenient.   

5.) "The president was hit. Go to the hospital," a voice on his radio ordered.

6.) Lawson retrieved a gurney, and after Connally was removed from the car, he helped other agents take out Kennedy.

7.) The president's skin was gray, and he didn't move as they placed him on the gurney. Lawson saw a huge hole in the back of the president's head.

8.) Ah, the real reason for the article, the 6th Floor Museum, the "Oswald did it" facility, is trying to rehabilitate him and the other members of the Secret Service on duty that day in Dallas.  - "On Friday, Lawson will travel with his wife back to the Book Depository building - now a museum - where he and a handful of other agents will tell their stories. The event will be taped as part of a Discovery Channel show to air in November. At the same time, a book, "The Kennedy Detail," will be released that tells the story of the agents assigned to JFK."


  1. Hello Joe: Thanks for posting this info re Lawson. I have a quesiton: What is the source for Lawson's statement (as cited in #7 above)? Could you please email me at Thanks. DSL

  2. I am most interested in Jerry Blaine's forthcoming book entitled "The Kennedy Detail" (and the accompanying Discovery Channel special, both slated for November 2010). This book came to be because I pissed off Blaine's best friend, Clint Hill, in a lengthy letter in June 2005