Saturday, July 24, 2010

Important background on the Shirley Sherrod story.

What Andrew “THE SCUM” Breitbart doesn’t want you to know anything about - The Pigford Settlement.  

TPMMuckraker gives some background:

Appropriations for the settlement have been pulled from a war supplemental bill which had included it.  

So, who has spoken out against the pigford settlement being paid? This is only a partial listing:

In Congress

1.) Rep. Steve King - Republican - “Shirley Sharrod fired by Vilsack 4 racism in her USDA position. America needs to know that, not all, but billions of Pigford Farms is fraud.”  

In Senate    

1.) Accordng to The Richmond Times Dispatch, “A spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, - Republican - R-Ky., said the money belongs in annual appropriations bills the Senate hasn't passed yet.”  

2.) Tom Coburn - Republican  - “By dropping a racially charged measure into a $5.1 billion disaster bill at the last minute, he was essentially threatening senators to give their immediate consent or risk being demonized...”

And I echo the comment Brad Frediman made at

The WH seems to have done the right thing in apologizing to Sherrod, and seem to be making good on the one job they cost in inappropriately firing her based on a deceptively edited hoax video tape posted by pathological liar and con-artist Andrew Breitbart. Now how about those thousands of jobs lost at ACORN, the four-decade old anti-poverty, pro-democracy organization, after the President signed a bill defunding them based on an almost identical, deceptively-edited video tape hoax as perpetrated by the same Andrew Breitbart? Do they plan to make that one right as well now? If not, why not?

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