Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stanley Tretick photography exhibit at Southern Vermont Arts Center in Manchester, Vt., chronicles slain civil rights leaders

In October 1963, Stanley Tretick took his most famous photograph for an article about the relationship between the president and his son. While the First Lady was away in Greece, Tretick was allowed to join JFK and John Jr., walking the halls of the White House and playing together in the Oval Office.

As John Jr. popped his face out from under the president’s desk, with Kennedy seated behind, Tretick captured the now legendary image. When Kennedy was assassinated several weeks later, the pictures were already on their way to the newsstands and helped create a lasting impression of the man, communicated through photography.

"Bobby, Martin & John: Once Upon An American Dream" runs from July 3 to Sept. 12 at the Southern Vermont Arts Center in Manchester, Vt. Info: 802-362-3279 or

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