Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Next Public Interest Declassification Board Meeting is Nov. 9th

Hello everyone,

The first PIDB meeting had a strong showing of people interested in the JFK Assassination.  I'd like to repeat that for this next meeting. Below is from an email I received today.  When I get the agenda for this meeting I'll let you know. Donations of any amount are welcome to offset the costs of attending meetings like this.  Please donate something.  Thank you. - Joe

The Public Interest Declassification Board would like to invite you to a public meeting at the National Archives Building on Tuesday, November 9 from 9:00 am to 12 pm.
In his December 29, 2010 implementing memorandum for Executive Order 13526, President Obama directed the Board to undertake a study in concert with the National Security Advisor to design a fundamental transformation of the security classification system.  The purpose of this upcoming meeting is to discuss "big ideas" for transforming the classification system.  The meeting will open with a discussion panel of national security experts and conclude with a period for public comment.  An agenda will be provided in a forthcoming email.
An RSVP is REQUIRED for this event, as seating is limited.  Affirmative responses should be sent to this address (  Those wishing to RSVP must do so by Friday, November 5 at noon.  RSVPs received after that date cannot be accepted.
Please direct any questions to this email address. 

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