Monday, November 15, 2010

COPA schedule for this weekend

November 19, Friday
1:00 pm - Early Bird lunch, meet at the Hotel Lawrence lobby, 302 S. Houston St.
5:00 pm - Dinner and drinks at Founder’s Grill at Hotel Lawrence, off the lobby

6:30 pm - Shuttle service from Hotel Lawrence lobby to Adolphus Hotel

7:00 pm - COPA keynote speakers, Adolphus Hotel, 1332 Commerce Street
Sam Houston Room, Mezzanine level
Walt Brown, Author of People v. Lee Harvey Oswald and Master Chronology of JFK
Cynthia McKinney, former Congresswoman who introduced MLK Records Act
9:30 pm - Shuttle service back to Hotel Lawrence 10:00 pm - Films on assassinations at Hotel Lawrence, 2nd Floor rear, Haynes Room
November 20, Saturday 
9:00 am – 5:00 pm - George Allen Building, 600 Commerce at Houston, Jury Room
9:00 am - T Carter, A Memoir of Injustice – Jerry and James Ray
9:30 am - Peter Dale Scott, 11/22, 9/11 and War
10:30 am - William Pepper, Esq.,  Emerging New Evidence on the Political
Assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy
11:00 am - Doug ValentineThe Federal Bureau of Narcotics and the
Assassination of JFK
11:30 am – Ed HaslamMe & Lee - New avenues for LHO research
12:00 pm - Donald Byron Thomas, Hear No Evil – Acoustic Evidence in Dealey Plaza
12:00 pm - Lunch break (near West End restaurants, shuttle available) 2:00 pm - Dr. G. Paul Chambers, PhD., Head Shot: The Science Behind the JFK
2:30 pm - William Turner, Rear View Mirror – Hoover’s FBI and the Assassinations
3:00 pm –Dr Cyril Wecht, J.D., M.D., Forensic Science and the Assassination of
President Kennedy
3:45 pm - Ronnie Dugger, A Texas Oberver Remembers Dallas in 1963
4:15 pm - Don Adams, Oswald Did Not Shoot the President; The Surfacing of Joseph
Adams Milteer and 11 shots fired in Dallas
4:45 pm - Gary Severson, Oswald and North Dakota
5:15 pm - Dinner break 
7:00 - 9:00 pm – Hotel Lawrence, 302 S. Houston, 2nd Floor Rear, Haynes Room 
7:00 pm - Randy Benson, The Searchers – A Documentary Film
7:30 pm – Bill Simpich, Oswald in Mexico City
8:00 pm - Ed Tatro, Lyndon Baynes Johnson – Master of Outrageous Acts
8:30 pm - Bill Truels, The Depository Mis-Direction
10:00 pm - Additional films on assassinationsNovember 21, Sunday
9:00 am – 1:00 pm - Hotel Lawrence, 2nd Floor Rear, Haynes Room
9:00 am - Greg Burnham, NSAM 263, 273
9:30 am - Robert Groden, "Robert Groden vs City of Dallas" JFK: Absolute Proof
10:00 am - Chris Pike, Penn Jones, Jr.
10:30 am - Ben Rogers, An overview of JFK Materials in Poage Legislative Library
11:00 am - Clayborne Carson, Ph.D., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
11:30 am – Mike Golden, Gerald Posner’s Descent
12:00 pm - John Judge, Wrap Up, 50th Anniversary Plans 
2:00 pm - Trip to Baylor University, Waco, TX to visit Penn Jones collection

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