Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rapid Dogs of the Internet Alert! How many spelling and grammatical errors can you spot?

This post from Simon Barret is so hysterical I had to repost it here.  It's just delicious.

Is Vince Palamara a "rapid dog of the internet?"  Well, when he detects pure bullshit by, about,
or from the Secret Service in relation to their duties and failure to do perform them to protect
the life of the President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, yes, yes he is. 
And more power to him.

Now if I could only get him to write without interrupting himself and inserting brackets, commas, parenthesis, semicolons, footnotes, endnotes, etc. before finishing one sentence.  And then once a thought is finished going onto the next sentence.  Imagine a narrative flow pulling the reader along with one amazing fact after another.  Sigh.

Huh, what? You want Barret's posting? Oh, right.  Here you go then:

The Kennedy Detail - The Rabid Dogs Of The Internet!

Posted on November 8th, 2010
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I have just published a review of The Kennedy Detail, a book penned by Gerald Blaine. He was part of the Secret Service team tasked with protecting the well being of President John F. Kennedy. Needless to say it was a job had had an unhappy ending.

It did not seem to be appropriate to sully a book review with internet scuttlebutt, but I do think that the subject needs addressing. When I was offered a galley of The Kennedy Detail I published a short article on the subject. I had read only a few pages, and made no editorial comments, merely that the book was being published.

Within 24 hours I heard from the ’self proclaimed’ expert on JFK and the Secret Service, some guy named Vince Palamaro. A gentleman who was not even born when the JFK story unfolded. His claim to fame seems to stem from some Discovery Channel documentary that calls him an expert. Hell, watch any documentary on any subject, the people are always billed as experts! There would be little reason in announcing the fact that our next guest knows next to nothing on the subject!

I take great umbrage when someone tries to include preconceptions in any book, music, DVD, or whatever I am planning to review. Unlike other reviewers I do not search out what others think. I review the material as I see it, and how it effects me. This, I am sure puts me in the minority, but it is the way I work.

I am a reviewer, not a critic, I read a book, and talk about the enjoyment factor. Yes, in the case of a factual book I look for the facts. But I am old enough to understand that everyone has their own ‘pain threshold’ on what they wish to put in print.  I am sure that there are many aspects of the JFK story that Gerald Blaine opted to leave out.

I have a good friend who has a bestseller in his brain, but he will not put pen to paper because of the harm that it might cause to the famous Hollywood families involved.

Is he wrong? NO!!!!!  My friend will never share certain confidences with the world. Gerald Blaine obviously is cut from the same cloth.

This Vince Palamara on the other hand is a man on what can only be viewed as a witch hunt. Move on Vince! Take some time out and smell the roses! Oh and while you are doing that, why not create a web site that takes less than 5 minutes to load? I would give the URL but that would be a huge disservice to my readers, no-one wants to have high speed internet emulate dial up!

As we near the 50th anniversary of the events in Dealey Plaza it is increasingly unlikely that the truth will ever be revealed. What we can however do is take the little bits of information and put them in the patchwork.
Leaving comments such as:
Vince Palamara said,
in November 8th, 2010 at 5:44 pm edit
Vince Palamara is not just a ‘researcher’: he has appeared on the History Channel (and dvd), in over 55 books, in a government report, and has interviewed over 80 former agents, including Blaine and many who died before his book came out. There is value in “The Kennedy Detail”, but there is also selected fiction.
Gives me a gag reflex. I don’t give a damn that you have been on the History Channel, so have many other people. I have not kept a count of the number of books that I have been mentioned in, I am sure it is less than 55, but who is counting? Who cares? I also seem to recall that this Vince guy was the one that talked about The Kennedy Detail being written in the third party voice, oops.

I will state once again, I’m a book reviewer, I enjoy reading peoples books, I enjoy books about JFK, but unlike some, I am not obsessed with the story. I read many books on many subjects, I keep an open mind. The Kennedy Detail is not a tell all book, it is merely the story of the events as seen through one mans eyes.

Take your war to someplace that cares. Me, well I about to review a really fun childrens book. The story line is wonderful, and the pictures are well done, they match the age group that the author is aiming at.  In fact it might be some good therapy for Vince Palamara and the rest of his merry band of obsessives, to do something similar.

Simon Barrett, IDIOT

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