Monday, December 20, 2010

Gary Mack Attack. Bwah, ha, ha ha ha!

Well Joe, if you had watched the show, JFK: The Ruby Connection, you'd know that it explained WHY Fritz went where he did.  And his location in front of Oswald had absolutely no connection to the shooting whatsoever.  If you know of some proof that he was somehow connected, please let me know. 

Gary "Not My Real Name" Mack

Well, Gary, "Not My Real Name" Mack, your pseudo-explanations mean nothing.  Fritz should never have been more than a foot in front of Oswald if indeed his plan was to be part of a box around Oswald with himself representing one side of a protective box.  He's CAPTAIN Fritz, many are going out of their way to say he's in charge.  He can command men.  He can shout out without moving, where the hell is the car! He could clear the area.  He could have and should have seen things were not as they should have been. He could have moved back, he could have increased security for Oswald. Instead he wonders over to the car Oswald would have been transferred in, leaving a large opening that Ruby took advantage of.  That move left no one in front of Oswald.  At best it's unbelievable incompetence.  Proof of his incompetence is glaringly obvious.  It's his LACK OF LOCATION in front of Oswald that enables the shooting. Idiot.  

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  1. CAPTAIN Fritz should be re named to Captain F--- up ! He was getting the hell out of the way !