Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A little more info on T. F. Bowley

You may recall that there was some news on this man.  He was given some civic award for calling in on the police radio that Tippit had been shot.  Temple Bowley receives Citizen’s Certificate of Merit from Dallas Police Department.

Farris Rookstool on the left, Chief David Brown in the middle
and Temple F. Bowley on the right in the grey suit jacket

Well, there's a little bit more to the guy.

The ties of T.F. Bowley to Jack Ruby are discussed in HSCA documents 014452, (which is RIF # 180-10105-10389) and 003963 (which is RIF # 180-10113-10400). Bowley was interviewed in the fall of '77 and again in Jan, 1978.

Mr. Bowley was queried relative to his ownership of Hernando's Hideaway, along with W.I . Burns and LeRoy Eastwood. The club was not doing very well, and they sold out to Jack Ruby. He (Bowley) then went to work part-time for Ruby at the Vegas Club, working the door (collecting admission fees)  and was also keeping company with the barmaid. 

Bowley was also a bouncer for Ruby.  

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  1. I was with my father that fateful day. It was disturbing for a young girl to see a man lying in the street. As we pulled up to the police car I remember my daddy saying to me, "Stay in the car." I did stay in the car but we had pulled up just in front of the police cruiser so I was witness to this event and it has stayed with me all these years. My father NEVER talked about it and when asked about it his answers then (and even now) were terse. We left the scene as soon as the police said we could leave not waiting for the crowd to form. We drove on over to pick up my mother at the telephone company but because of the events she was unable to leave. We then drove over to the area where all the crowd was forming outside of the Texas Theater. They were bringing Oswald out of the building. Once again my father made me stay in the car so I saw very little except for the crowd.
    I am proud of my father's small involvement in expediting the capture of Oswald but sad for the loss of our president, especially in my home town and disgrace it brought to us for many many years.