Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pay attention to Captain Fritz in this video

Jim DiEugenio mentioned this clip on Black Op Radio.  First of all there are two loud car horn blasts.  One when Oswald is coming out and a second one about a second before Ruby lurches out and shoots Oswald.  Fritz is supposed to be in front of Oswald, but only just, with another officer behind Oswald, and two on his sides, literally forming a box around Oswald to protect him.  Well, Fritz walks off about 10 feet or more in front, leaving the opening for Ruby to jump in and shoot Oswald. And Fritz's reaction after the sound of the shot is like something out of a bad cartoon.  It reminds me of Norton reacting to the Chef of the Future in that classic sketch from The Honeymooners.

When Gary Mack does his "reconstruction" of the killing of Oswald he leaves Fritz out.


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