Saturday, February 5, 2011

I want to recommend a posting by Joan Mellon, and her book

Mary Ferrell Foundation version - Who was Lee Harvey Oswald

This is Mellon's presentation at the Dr. Wect JFK conference in 2008.  Mellon's presentation is important because she goes into the issue of whether or not Oswald was debriefed by the CIA when he came back to the U.S. after his so called "defection," to Russia.

The CIA SHOULD HAVE debriefed him.  It would have been their duty to do so.  It would only attract attention to themselves if they did not.  Well, officially, they say the did not.

A Mr. Donald Deneselya, who worked for the CIA as a Russian language translator in the Soviet Russia section at the time of Oswald’s return to the United States from the Soviet Union said Oswald was debriefed and he saw a document that proved it.  According to Deneselya, Oswald was debriefed by a "Mr. Anderson," a CIA employee with a 00 designation.  A 00 designation meant Anderson was with the CIA's domestic contacts division.  [Clay Shaw was another asset of the domestic contacts division.]  

Mellon discovered that "Anderson" was a pseudonym used by Eleanor Reed, a deputy chief of the Section 6 Soviet Russia research branch.  I believe how she discovered this is in her book, "Jim Garrison: His Life and Times, The Early Years," as she does not appear to do this in her presentation.   

(I was looking for a step by step narrative, but I guess now I'll have to buy the book.  The book is her second one on Garrison, a prequel to her first, "Jim Garrison: His Life and Times, the Early Years.)  

Mellon lays down the groundwork for how the debrief probably occurred, and if and when we ever get documentary proof it should follow the names, programs, and internal CIA subdivisions that Mellon maps out.  

This Mary Ferrell foundation version has links to some of the documents Mellon references in her presentation.  The most interesting document to me was 104-10059-10181, which is an almost completely unredacted version of a document we've already seen.  A previously released version appears in John Newman's book "Oswald and the CIA," on page 478.  There are now only two very small redactions, each one very small, there's room for only two letters.  It's like they are trying to redact the JM from JM/WAVE.  

You will see the link to the document in this paragraph, "Additional evidence that CIA debriefed Oswald after his return from the Soviet Union resides in the unredacted version CIA document 435-173A, dated 25 November 1963, by the same Thomas B. Casasin.

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