Monday, February 21, 2011

Non-U.S. citizens can help

There is a perception that the U.S. Congress would not be interested or influenced by voices raised by citizens of the rest of the world.  I reject that notion.  Your help is welcomed and vital.  Foreigners have every right to see JFK assassination documents as much as anyone else.  Foreigners have and do visit the documents at Archives II.  So I ask for your input as well.  We have a small but vital group of researchers from Britain who come to Dallas for the conferences and to remember the anniversary.  One Brit, my friend Malcolm Blunt, probably has visited Archives II more than anyone else and is more knowledgeable about the case and the state of the documentary record than anyone else.

So, I would like to know of your experiences researching the case.  Let me worry about getting anyone in congress to listen.

People with foreign language skills would be most welcome to join the JFK research community.

I'd like to reach out to citizens of Mexico, especially citizens of Mexico City.  I would love to acquire photos of the areas where the Soviet Embassy and Consulate were and the Cuban embassy and consulate were, maybe they're still in the same place.  But, photos of what the area looked like in September and October of 1963 would be good to have.

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