Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Please Don't Sign Bill Kelly's Petition

Do not sign onto this - JFK Act Oversight Hearings

I'm sorry but it's not written well, and has no specifics.  There are complaints I'd like to bring to the attention of Congress and this online petition is not the method I consider appropriate or effective.  Bill's jumped the gun here.  I have tried twice to raise the issue. And twice Bill has damaged the effort. I think I wrote a good post on the issue. And since Bill moved without consulting me on this I cannot approve his action.

It's actually hugely counterproductive, especially with the misspellings in it, "Vice Chari Rep. Mike Kelly (R. Pa.3)" If you can't spell "chair," I don't need you, I don't want you.  Names of Representatives are misspelled as well.  Its Rep. Raul Labrador, not Paul Labrador.  And its Rep. Blake Farenthold.

The last time Bill Kelly tried to help with this issue he could not be bothered to correctly spell Rep. Edolphus Towns' name correctly after I brought it to his attention, multiple times, that he had it wrong.

I again ask folks to share with me the problems they have had researching this case since public law 102-526 was passed.  I would imagine serious researchers may need a few days to organize their thoughts and materials, then I hope they would be generous enough to tell me their stories.  I'm hoping for lots of specifics. For example, such and such document was supposed to be open in full in 2005 and they only have the 1993 version available to the public which is nothing but a RIF page and a withdrawal form.  Or such and such box is supposed to have someone's testimony to the Church committee and it's not in there.

I don't want an online petition.  This is not a bumper sticker.  This is not a T-shirt.  This is serious.

Thank you,

Joe Backes

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