Thursday, February 10, 2011

A weird one

Yesterday on WAMC, my local public radio station, they had a show Vox Pop where it’s a live call in program and the subject changes from day to day.  The topic is almost always political.  Yesterday the host wanted stories from funerals because culturally they're changing.  People celebrate the life more then they mourn the loss.  Sometimes stories are told and people laugh and feel good about the experiences they had with the deceased.  So, guess who calls up?  Governor John Connally’s niece.  She talked about the people who showed up for Gov. John Connally's funeral.  One being Nixon.  She asked the host if he remembers the Nixon Halloween masks? He did. Well, Nixon looked just like that, like a guy wearing a Nixon mask.  And how Nixon had to sit next to Ann Richards.  And what was the name of Connally’s niece? Patsy!  

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