Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wisconsin has a Fascist for a Governor

The far-Right have been very busy.  In their desperation to distract from Wall Street bankers, Hedge Fund managers, and the enormous salaries and bonuses of CEOs they want America to focus instead on a new threat, a new terror, the new enemy - public employees, especially the teachers!

And so a new experiment is afoot in Wisconsin.  Governor Scott Walker is hellbent on cutting benefits for state workers, taking away their collective bargaining rights, reducing pensions for now with the goal of eliminating pensions entirely later.  And if anyone dares to protest,  he will call out the National Guard!

Democrats in the state legislature have left the chamber en masse to prevent any votes on the state budget.

This reminds me of what Tom Delay did to Texas when he forced a redistricting, which give Texas 3 extra seats, thus giving Republicans control of the House of Representatives, which he financed with illegal corporate money.  There too the Democrats left the legislature.  So, DeLay send Homeland Security to try to round them up.  DeLay was tried, convicted, and is in prison for this stunt.

One can only hope a similar fate awaits Mr. Walker.

Walker is not alone in demonizing public employees.  But, so far, he has been the most radical in word and deed.

Well, people are protesting. has a petition - Stand in solidarity against Walker's radical proposal and threats - sign the open letter

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