Sunday, March 20, 2011

A call for a rapid response team to respond to that god damned right-wing bullshit Kennedy mini-series

It airs on April 3rd in my area, according to the Reelz website - Reelz Channel TV Schedule

It may air sooner than that in some locals.  Check your local listings, check, check the Reelz cable channel website.

The Kennedys*

( As a Right-wing asshole sees them )

So, I'm asking for a rapid response team of dedicated JFK researchers to watch the show.  (You may need to have a bucket nearby to be sick in.  After all the whole script with citations is only wafer thin.)  And fact check this shit.  

Don't merely post to JFK forums, good though they are, I want to get info out there.  Saturate the internet with solid, verifiable facts.  Provide citations if you can. Put real verifiable information out there to as many websites, newspaper and TV websites, Facebook and Twitter feeds as you can  

I know I'm asking a lot.  A lie can ravel around the world before the truth has gotten one sock on, but we have to try.  

This is our history.  A lot of it is still hidden away and classified.  A lot of it is just lied about.  But, not all.  If you want your true history folks you've got to fight for it.   

According to the Reelz web site its World Premiere is April 3, 2011.  Well, we know that's wrong.  Didn't it already air in England and Canada? 

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