Saturday, March 5, 2011

Need Some Help - "Where is "Was Lee Harvey Oswald a CIA agent?" report that is supposed to be in The Lopez report?

Okay, so while in Dallas for the latest JFK Lancer conference Jim DiEugenio told me about how he was talking with Ed Lopez one day about the Lopez Report.  Ed Lopez supposedly wrote a small report that is supposed to be within the larger Lopez report entitled, "Was Lee Harvey Oswald a CIA agent?"  And Jim was pointing out to Ed that that report is not in the now declassified Lopez report.  Ed was taken aback by this and immediately started to read the Lopez report, I guess that Jim had with him at the time.  You're right, Ed said, it's not in there.  I asked Jim if there's some reference to this missing report within the text of the Lopez report, or is there some footnote or endnote reference to it.  Jim thought it was in the text.  Well, the latest release of the Lopez report is the 2003 one.  And that's available online at History Matters website.  So, I read it.  I did not find any reference to this "Was Lee Harvey Oswald a CIA agent?" in the text or in the endnotes.  Did I miss it?  I believe Jim.  I do think Ed Lopez wrote such a report.  So, where is it? If Ed wrote this, and I think he did, we need to get him to state where it should be in relation to the 2003 version of the Lopez report.

Read the Lopez report here - 2003 Release: Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City ("Lopez Report")

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